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Fast and precise 2d scatter plot for lots of points.


Remake on gl-scatter2d, covering other scatter-related components.



npm install regl-scatter2d

let regl = require('regl')({extensions: 'oes_element_index_uint'})

let createScatter = require('regl-scatter2d')

let scatter = createScatter(regl)

//draw 5 points
  positions: [0,0, 1,0, 2,0, 1,1, 2,1],
  color: 'rgba(0, 100, 200, .75)'


Create new scatter plot instance from regl. regl instance should have OES_element_index_uint extension enabled.

scatter(optionsA, optionsB,

Draw scatter points corresponding to options.

// render multiple point groups
  { points: [0,0, 1,1], color: 'blue', marker: null },
  { points: [0,1, 1,0], color: 'red', marker: someSdf }
Option Default Description
positions, points [] An array of the unrolled xy coordinates of the points as [x,y, x,y, ...points] or array of points [[x,y], [x,y], ...points]. Can be an object with {x: [...xValues], y: [...yValues]} planar values. For more precise memory control, like in matrix case, x or y can be an object of the form {x: {buffer: reglBuffer, offset: value}}, then the reglBuffer will be reused.
size, sizes 12 Number or array with marker sizes in pixels. Array length should correspond to positions.
borderSize, borderSizes 1 Number or array with border sizes in pixels. Array length should correspond to positions.
color, colors 'black' Color or array with colors. Each color can be a css color string or an array with float 0..1 values.
borderColor, borderColors 'transparent' Border color or array with border colors.
opacity 1 Regulate marker transparency separately from colors.
marker, markers null Marker SDF image, should be a rectangular array with 0..1 1-channel values of signed distance field. Use bitmap-sdf or svg-path-sdf to generate distance array from a canvas, image or svg. .5 value of distance corresponds to the border line. If null, circular marker is used.
range, dataBox null Data bounds limiting visible data as [left, top, right, bottom]. If null, the range is detected as positions boundaries.
viewport, viewBox null Bounding box limiting visible area within the canvas in pixels, can be an array [left, top, right, bottom] or an object {left, top, right, bottom} or {x, y, w, h}.
snap null A bool, number of points threshold to enable snapping or point-cluster tree instance.

scatter.update(optionsA, optionsB,

Update options corresponding to passes, not incurring redraw. Passing null will remove previously loaded pass.

// update 3 passes
scatter.update(a, b, c)

// update 1st pass, remove 2nd pass, ignore 3rd pass
scatter.update(a, null)

// update 2nd pass (former 3rd pass)
scatter.update(null, b)

// update n-th pass
scatter.update.apply(scatter, Array.from({length: 10, 9: options}))

scatter.draw(id1|els1?, id2|els2?, ...)

Draw groups corresponding to ids, optionally specify marker ids to draw via els:

// create 3 groups of points
  {points: [0,1, 1,0], color: 'red', marker: squareSdf},
  {points: [1,2, 2,1], color: 'green', marker: triangleSdf},
  {points: [0,0, 1,1], color: 'blue', marker: null}

// draw all groups

// draw red group

// draw green and blue group
scatter.draw(1, 2)

// draw the second point of the blue group and the first point of the red group
scatter.draw([1], null, [0])


Dispose scatter instance and associated resources.




© 2017 Dmitry Yv. MIT License

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