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A 3D spherical coordinate camera for regl, for desktop and mobile


A 3D spherical coordinate camera with rotation, panning, zooming, and pivoting (i.e. yaw and pitch). Designed to function on desktop and mobile.


const camera = require('regl-inertia-camera')(regl, {
  phi: 0.5,
  theta: 1,
  distance: 20,
camera(() => {

See [demo.js][./demo.js] for fully worked example.


camera = require('regl-inertia-camera')(regl[, opts])

Given existing regl instance and options, returns a camera instance which sets camera projection and view matrix context and uniforms. For convenience, view, projection and eye are exposed through regl context variables as well as uniforms. Configuration options are:

Option Type Default Meaning
element HTML element window element to which to attach
viewUniformName String view name of view matrix uniform
projectionUniformName String projection name of projection matrix uniform
eyeUniformName String eye name of eye vector uniform

The camera may be invoked as:

camera([state, ] callback)

where state is an object containing changes to the camera state variables, defined below, and callback is a function invoked within the regl context of the camera. Callback receives camera.state as its parameter.

The returned camera contains the following computed properties which will be overwritten on every draw frame and so cannot (meaningfully) be modified:

Camera variable Type Meaning
aspectRatio Number current aspect ratio
eye vec3 location of camera
height Number current height of view
projection mat4 projection matrix
projectionInv mat4 inverse projection matrix
view mat4 view matrix
viewInv mat4 inverese view matrix
width Number current width of view

The returned camera contains a .state property which contains the following state values, all of which may be written directly. On each invocation of draw these parameters will be checked for differences and will trigger a dirty camera where applicable so that the view is redrawn automatically.

State variable Type Default/Initial Meaning
center vec3 [0, 0, 0] point at the center of the view
distance Number 10 distance of eye from center
dirty Boolean true true when camera view has changed
dPhi Number 0 current phi inertia of camera
dTheta Number 0 current theta inertia of camera
enablePan Boolean true allow panning
enablePivot Boolean true allow pivoting (yaw and pitch) of view
enableRotation Boolean true allow rotation view
enableZoom Boolean true allow zooming of view
far Number 100 far clipping plane
fovY Number π / 4 field of view in the vertical direction, in radians
near Number 0.1 near clipping plane
panDecayTime Number 100 half life of panning inertia in ms
panX Number 0 current horizontal amount to pan at next draw
panY Number 0 current vertical amount to pan at next draw
panZ Number 0 current in/out of plane amount to pan at next draw
phi Number 0 azimuthal angle of camera
pitch Number 0 current amount to pitch at next draw, in radians
rotationCenter vec3 [0, 0, 0] point about which the view rotates
rotationSpeed Number 1.0 Speed of rotation interaction
rotationDecayTime Number 100 half life of rotation inertia in ms
rotateAboutCenter Boolean false If false, rotate about rotationCenter, otherwise rotates about the current view center.
theta Number 0 horizontal rotation of camera
up vec3 [0, 1, 0] vertical direction
wheelSpeed Number 1.0 Speed of mouse wheel interaction
x0 Number null current horizontal location of interaction, in pixels
y0 Number null current vertical location of interaction, in pixels
yaw Number 0 current amount to yaw at next draw, in radians
zoom Number 0 current amount to zoom at next draw (0 = no change)
zoomDecayTime Number 100 half life of zooming inertia in ms

Finally, the returned camera contains the following methods:

Method Meaning
.taint() Mark the view "dirty" to trigger drawing on the next frame.
.resize() Recompute the viewport size and aspect ratio and mark the view dirty

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This module is heavily based on the work of mikolalysenko and mattdesl. Development supported by Standard Cyborg.


© 2018 Ricky Reusser. MIT License.


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