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Chilled object registry, to support your application design. inspired by mongoose.model("yourModel"), raggae offers the same registry like funktion for your own code.


npm install reggae

how to

To use as registry

In File A:

var raggae = require('raggae');

raggae.set('controller.rastaman', function (value) {
    return 'vibration ' + value;

In File B:

var raggae = require('raggae');
console.log( raggae.get('controller.rastaman')('yeah') );

To use as object helper

var scope = {scopedA: {scopedB: {}}};
raggae.set('scopedA.scopedB.scopedC.scopedD', 5, scope); // {scopedA: {scopedB: {scopedC: {scopedD: {}}}}};
raggae.get('scopedA.scopedB.scopedC.scopedD', 5, scope); // returns 5

Easy - Use it wisely ;)