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RegExpI18n library

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Library provides range of the all letters in Unicode. This ranges could be used in the RegExp as a part of the range. As ranges include astral symbols from astral pages you need to pass ~u~ flag to the regexp.

Library tested on latest versons of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.


The library designed to provide a way to match any i18n character in any alphabet.

The library exports following building blocks:

Constants / Ranges

Constants & Ranges represent range of the symbols. You could use any of the constants provided as a part of the range regexp expression. Ranges could be used as an argument for the trim function.

import { Constants, Ranges, trim } from 'regexp-i18n';
const matchLetterPattern = '[' + Constants.LETTERS + ']';
const rx = new RegExp(matchLetterPattern, 'ug');
let data = '他走過城市的狗他的兄弟生氣了123';
console.log(data.replace(rx, '')); // 123
console.log(trim(data, Ranges.LETTERS)); // 123
  1. LETTERS - all 18n letters
  2. LETTERS_AND_DIACRITICS - all i18n letters and diacritics
  3. LETTERS_DIGITS_AND_DIACRITICS - all i18n letters, digits and diacritics
  4. DIACRITICS - Special class of characters. Modifies previous character. Can't be stripped out without changing the text meaning.
  5. DIGITS - all i18n digits
  6. IGNORABLE_SYMBOLS - all ignorable unicode symbols.


The patterns are regular expressions ranges well tested and reusable.

  1. MATCH_LETTER - Matches all 18n characters with diacritics. This is a strict pattern. All outstanding diacritics won't be matched.
  2. MATCH_IGNORABLE_SYMBOLS - Matches ignorable unicode symbols. These symbols are usually are not visible and could be ignored.
import { Patterns } from 'regexp-i18n';
const rx = new RegExp(Patterns.MATCH_LETTER, 'ug');
let data = '$ಕನ್ನಡೈಈ123#';
console.log(data.replace(rx, '')); // 123#


replaceNotMatching(patternstring, replaceValuestring, textstring)string;

Attempt to make a function replacing everything not matching to the pattern. The motivation for it that it is impossible to make an inverse MATCH_LETTER pattern. Not very reliable in the complex cases yet.

trim(textstring, rangeRange)string;

Removes all leading and trailing characters in the given range from the text.


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