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Node.js client for the Reflecta ardu1 interface for Arduino core functions like gpio, Wire, and Servo


Reflecta Arduino Core binds the functions pinMode, digitalRead, digitalWrite, analogRead, and analogWrite to the ardu1 interface. This is the Arduino library that enables the 'send' side of the Reflecta conversation.

Stability: Medium

Simply load reflecta using

npm install reflecta
var reflecta = require('reflecta');
reflecta.detect(function(error, boards, ports) {
    board = boards[0];
    if (board.ardu1) {
        board.ardu1.pinMode(ledPin, board.ardu1.OUTPUT);
        board.ardu1.digitalWrite(ledPin, 1);

Reflecta will use npm to install and load this library automatically if the Arduino exposes the 'ardu1' interface.

A simple but complete example can be found in the node-reflecta project.

  • 0.3.x: Analog & digital io, wire, and servo.
  • Add Advanced I/O functions (tone, pulseIn, etc.)
  • Consider including other Arduino standard libraries such as Stepper, EEPROM, SD, SPI, SoftwareSerial, etc.