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Redux Re-dispatch

A redux middleware to dispatch recent actions from action history que.


$ npm install 'redux-re-dispatch'

Configure Middleware:

import { setupRedispatcher } from 'redux-re-dispatch';

const redispatchMiddleware = setupRedispatcher({
    logger: true,
    maxActionHistories: 200,
    intervalForResetingDispatch: 2000
    maxNumberOfReDispatch: 5,

 const middlewares = [redispatchMiddleware];

const store = createStore(rootReducer,initialSte, compose(applyMiddleware(...middlewares)));


Property Data Type Default Value Description
logger string true You can show/hide logs in console when action is redispatched
maxActionHistories integer 200 You can limit the maximum size of collection or que to save actions as history.
intervalForResetingDispatch integer 3000 (Millisecond) You can limit the maximum allocated time for re-dispatching same actionType. After every intervalForResetingDispatch time slot for each action type, the new time slot will be allocated to reach the max execution limit
maxNumberOfReDispatch integer 10 You can define the default number of execution for how many times any action will be re-dispatched using redispatched(actionType)* when second parameter is omitted.

Usage Example:

This example describes how it can be used with redux-saga. You can use it wherever you want. In this example we are trying to pull all the station information dispatching types.GET_STATIONS action. If any error occurs while getting response from API or by any means then we may need to try the same API call or process again until we get the actual response. But the number of API call or execution should not be infinite.

You don't need to pass any payload when you redispatch any action. Payload will be added by middleware itself from the previous action of the action history que. So you need to pass the actionType and maxNumberOfDispatch as parameters. But the second parameter is optional.

import { redispatch } from 'redux-re-dispatch';
export function* getAllStationsSaga(payload) {
  try {
    const stations = yield call(fetchAllStations, payload);
    yield [
     put({ type: types.GET_STATIONS_SUCCESS, stations })
  } catch (error) {
    ** This will try to fetch all the stations again when thrown exception. Here it will try maximum 3 time to get all the stations as failover.
    ** @param type {string} - it's a action type that will be redispatched from recent history
    ** @param {number} - Maximum number of attempt to re-dispatch that action
    redispatch(types.GET_STATIONS, 3);
    yield [
        put({ type: types.GET_STATIONS_FAILED }),



Method Name Arguments Description
setupRedispatcher options {object} This method will initialize the re-dispatch middleware using these options
redispatch actionType {string} {required}, maxNumberOfDispatch {number} {optional} This method is the main dispatcher that filters actions by actionType and dispatches the most recent action from the action history without any payload. This method dispatches the given action type maxNumberOfDispatch times within intervalForResetingDispatch milliseconds managing que of actions

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