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This is bindings for redux form and redux form antd. This library should be compatible for both redux-form and react-final-form. Stories for final form are welcome.

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redux-form-antd is a set of wrappers to facilitate the use of antd components with redux-form.

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Using npm:

  $ npm install --save redux-form-antd

Available Components

  • Select
  • Radio Buttons
  • DatePicker
  • MonthPicker
  • NumberField
  • TextField


Rather than import your component class from antd, import it from redux-form-antd and then pass the component class directly to the component prop of Field.

import { reduxForm, Field } from 'redux-form'
import {
} from 'redux-form-antd'
class MyForm extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        <Field name="username" component={TextField} placeholder="Street"/>
// Decorate with redux-form
MyForm = reduxForm({
  form: 'myForm'
export default MyForm

or you can check stories code click

Instance API


Returns a reference to the UI component that has been rendered. This is useful for calling instance methods on the UI components. For example, if you wanted to focus on the username element when your form mounts, you could do:

componentWillMount() {

as long as you specified a ref and withRef on your Field component.

render() {
  return (
      <Field name="username" component={TextField} withRef ref={r=>(this.textField = r)}/>

Custom component wrapper

You can use createComponent and customMap functions to wrap your custom component. Usage example:

import { createComponent, customMap } from 'redux-form-antd';
import { InputPasswordViewableComponent } from './components/InputPasswordViewableComponent'; // Your custom component
function mapFunction(mapProps, { input: { onChange } }) {
  return {
    onChange: event => onChange(
const textFieldMap = customMap(mapFunction);
export const InputPasswordViewable = createComponent(InputPasswordViewableComponent, textFieldMap);
  • createComponent creates FormItem wrapper and attaches validate status handler.
  • customMap maps redux-form Field props to form fields props. You can omit customMap's attribute, in such case default mapping will be applied. If you specify a map function, then it should return an object with required properties for ant's FormItem and your component. The signature of map function is (mapProps, props) => ({...mapProps}), where mapProps - default mapping properties, props - redux-form's Field properties.

inspired by redux-form-material-ui by erikras


npm i redux-form-antd

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