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📐 A clean architecture framework 📐
🔩 Focusing on achieving great type inference 🔩


  • Clean architecture without the object-orientedness.
  • No need to explicitly call dispatch() on the UI side.
    As a matter of fact, Redux being used under the hood is an implementation detail that can as well be ignored by the dev working on the UI.
  • Strict isolation between the Core and the UI. Port your web app to React Native or switch to another UI framework without having to re-write a single line of the core logic.
  • It's not specifically a React framework, it's not even specifically a frontend framework, it can and is be used on the backend.
  • Names things once, it propagate through all the codebase via TypeScript's template literal types. No more hard to maintain stuttering.
    Name things once then let intellisense guide you.
  • The core can tell the UI to do thing imperatively. Like "Play a sound now" which is something that is impossible to do cleanly with just states. (isSoundShouldBePlayedNow: boolean ?)

Install / Import

$ yarn add redux-clean-architecture evt

Examples setups

Canonical setup

A canonical setup can be found here: 👉 src/test/demo-app👈 .

Enterprise grade app

You can consult the source code of onyxia-web to see how redux-clean-architecture is used in a real world application.

Onyxia: A data science-oriented container launcher.

Starting the demo app

git clone
cd redux-clean-architecture
yarn build
yarn start-demo-app

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