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    Redux Actions Log is a simple Redux middleware that logs actions that are dispatched to the store.


    npm install --save redux-actions-log

    yarn add redux-actions-log


    Setting up action logging is simple with Redux Actions Log.

    import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';
    import setupReduxActionsLog from 'redux-actions-log';
    import rootReducer from './reducers';
    const [actionsLogMiddleware, actionsLog] = setupReduxActionsLog();
    const store = createStore(rootReducer, applyMiddleware(actionsLogMiddleware));
      type: 'FOOBAR_ACTION_TYPE',
      payload: 'baz'
    // logs "[ { type: 'FOOBAR_ACTION_TYPE', payload: 'baz' } ]"

    setupReduxActionsLog() will return the middleware you apply to the Redux store along with the log that will keep track of the dispatched actions.

    Once the middleware is applied, all you need to do is call actionsLog.getActions() to retrieve an array of all the logged actions.

    By default, the actions log will only log standard Redux actions. If you want to log other functionality that affects actions like Redux Thunk, you must enable the logAll option. There are two ways to do this:

    Method 1: Enable the logAll option with the parameter for setupReduxActionsLog().

    const [actionsLogMiddleware, actionsLog] = setupReduxActionsLog(true);

    Method 2: Set the logAll option with actionsLog.setLogAll().

    const [actionsLogMiddleware, actionsLog] = setupReduxActionsLog();

    Note that this package supports TypeScript and declaration files are included.

    Why Do I Need This?

    Before you use this, make sure there aren't better ways to accomplish what you want first!

    If you simply need to debug actions, Redux DevTools will most likely do what you need.

    If you need to test simple asynchronous action creators, check out redux-mock-store first as it will probably be able to get the job done. (In fact, Redux Actions Log takes a lot of inspiration from this package.)

    Now if the above options don't work for you, then this middleware is hopefully what you need! The most common cases where Redux Actions Log can be useful are usually around scenarios when your application or tests need direct access to a log of Redux actions, and you need to work with a real Redux store.

    One example of this is if you need to test asynchronous action creators that rely on reducer logic. redux-mock-store unfortunately does not execute reducers, so using Redux Actions Log allows you to test the sequence of dispatched actions on a real store that will actually execute the reducers, allowing your actions to be tested properly as they will behave realistically.


    setupReduxActionsLog(logAll?: boolean) => [middleware, actionsLog]

    The default export of the package will return a setup function that returns two things:

    1. The middleware which you will get working with your Redux store using applyMiddleware().
    2. The log that keeps track of the Redux actions dispatched to the store that has the middleware applied.
    actionsLog.getActions() => actions: Array

    Returns the actions of the store.


    Clears the stored actions.

    actionsLog.setLogAll(logAll: boolean)

    Turns the logAll option on or off.

    actionsLog.getLogAll() => logAll: boolean

    Returns the current logAll setting.


    This project is MIT licensed.


    npm i redux-actions-log

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