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Redub turns a bunch of objects implementing a simple pub/sub interface into a redundant pub/sub transport. It works dandy with redis-pubsub, but there's no hard dependency. Build Status

var pubsub = require('redis-pubsub');
var redub = require('redub');

var transport1 = pubsub.createChannel(...);
var transport2 = pubsub.createChannel(...);

var channel = redub(transport1, transport2);

channel.on('message', function(msg, id) {

var id = channel.send('Hello world!');

Behind the scenes, messages are wrapped in an envelope with a unique ID:

['2d1222ff-e0cd-4594-a1fb-19335c98e58c','Hello world!']

These IDs are tracked for a short time, and duplicates are dropped. The timeout is configurable:

// Defaults to 10 seconds. 0 means never time out.
// In practice, IDs are tracked anywhere between timeout and 2 × timeout.
channel.timeout = 10000;

The method with which IDs are generated is also configurable:

channel.uid = function(message) {
    // generate and return a unique ID string.

Redub will accept any object that quacks like an EventEmitter and implements the following:

  • method send(message) - must serialize (e.g. JSON.stringify) the message and publish it.
  • event message(message) - must be passed a deserialized message.