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    Redsys payment gateway compatible with ES6. It implements the new HMAC-SHA256 request signing procedure.

    Install package

    You can install the package with npm:

    npm install --save redsys-polite

    Import package using ES6:

    import {RedsysBuilder, PaymentBuilder} from 'redsys-polite';

    With node:

    var RedsysBuilder = require('redsys-polite').RedsysBuilder;
    var PaymentBuilder = require('redsys-polite').PaymentBuilder;

    How to use it

    Generate form parameters with the following code.

    const commerce_code = "<your_commerce_code>";
    const secret_code = "<your_secret_key>";
    const redsys = new RedsysBuilder()
        .setTitular("Marc Pomar")
    const payment = new PaymentBuilder()
    const form_encoded_params = redsys.getFormData(payment);

    Then form_encoded_params will have the required properties to generate a payment form. Use this object to

    { redsys_url: '',
      Ds_SignatureVersion: 'HMAC_SHA256_V1',
      Ds_MerchantParameters: '<encoded merchant parameters>',
      Ds_Signature: '<signature>' }

    Form example using React:

      <form action={sign_payment.redsys_url} method="POST" ref="payform" >
        <input type="hidden" name="Ds_SignatureVersion" value={sign_payment.Ds_SignatureVersion}/>
        <input type="hidden" name="Ds_MerchantParameters" value={sign_payment.Ds_MerchantParameters}/>
        <input type="hidden" name="Ds_Signature" value={sign_payment.Ds_Signature}/>

    Decode POST notification received from payment server

    With initialized redsys object using RedsysBuilder call the method like this: var Ds_Signature = req.body.Ds_Signature; var Ds_MerchantParameters = req.body.Ds_MerchantParameters; redsys.decodeNotifiedMerchantParams(Ds_Signature, Ds_MerchantParameters) .then((decodedParams) => console.log(decodedParams)) .catch(e => console.log(e)); // Catch error for invalid signature

    _decodeNotifiedMerchantParams returns a promise that is rejected if signature is not valid. Remember to catch it like the shown example.

    Redsys server notification

    Convert response DS_Code to a message string: import {codeToMessage} from 'redsys-polite'; var obj = codeToMessage('9915'); // Example Ds_Response code can be 9915, user canceled the payment; console.log(obj.message); // Prints text description for this code


    Marc Pomar Torres


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