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A tool for remotely executing scripts on servers, such as deploying apps.

This library began as a tool for deploying Node.js applications, heavily influenced by Capistrano. Over time, we realised that we could abstract away the commands that we used to deploy our web applications, leaving us a tool that could run any commands we pleased.


npm install redstone

Usage (via Node)

    var Redstone = require("redstone");
    var config = {
      ssh: {
        hostname   : "",
        user       : "admin"
      commands: {
        list_files: "ls -ll",
        print_date: "date"
    var redstone = new Redstone(config);

Running commands

To run a given command, execute it by typing it's name, then a callback to handle any errors


To run a list of commands in order, provide an array of commands, then a callback function to handle any errors

    var commandsToRun = ['print_date', 'list_files'];
    redstone.runCommands(commandsToRun, function(err){


© 2013 Axisto Media Ltd. Redstone is licensed under the BSD License.