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A node scheduler backed by redis.

This module implements a scheduling by storing items in a sorted set. The sorted set is scored on the unix time it should be scheduled. Each item specifies a frequency of when it should be processed. Right now, each job will reschedule itself, based on its frequency.

It's potentially useful to add this module on top of a job queue, such as kue or crane to schedule jobs.


$ npm install redshed

Create a scheduler

var Redshed = require('redshed')
scheduler = new Redshed({
  process: function (item, cb) {
    // When an item is ready, this callback is fired
    // (Add to a job queue, or whatever)
    // Invoke the callback when you're done processing, so we can reschedule

Schedule things

  _id: 3930,
  frequency: '45 seconds',
  data: { foo: 'Gizmo' },
  malarkey: true

Web app

You can view the scheduler by loading the app:

var app = require('redshed').app(<scheduler options>)
var server = app.listen(3015)
// Lame, I know


When you create the scheduler, you must pass it options:

  • processor: Required, What to do with the data when its ready

  • prefix: Optional, prefix for the redis set

  • bucket: Optional, bucket name

  • identifier: Optional, default: _id, Identifier for the object in the set. The stored object must have this property


Each item sent into the scheduler must have a property frequency. This can be a simple number, indicating number or seconds, or it can be a simple expression, such as 5 minutes, 45 seconds, 1 hour, etc.