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    Red Panda

    A quick and nasty Firestore ODM.


    • Built in schema validation using joi.
    • Automatically dereference foreign keys/references ($lookup and JOIN). RedPanda will automatically translate foreign documents into references during save and dereference them when they are loaded.
    • OOP design - create model classes and extend them with attributes and methods.
    • No more clunky error handling. Don't ever worry about snapshot.exists or query.empty again!
    • Compatible with browser and Node Firebase libraries
    • Support for projection queries and getting the count of a query


    Link to the API documentation is here: RedPanda API


    Connect to the Firestore database

    const db = firebase.initializeApp(config).firestore();

    Define your document schemas

    // Define your schemas
    const PersonDocument = RedPanda.create("Person", {
      firstName: RedPanda.types.string().required(),
      lastName: RedPanda.types.string().required()
    class Person extends PersonDocument {...}
    const Company = RedPanda.create("Company", {
      name: RedPanda.types.string().required(),
      address: RedPanda.types.string().required(),
      ceo: RedPanda.types.dbref().collection(Person).required() // Reference to the "Person" collection
    class Company extends CompanyDocument {...}
    const EmployeeDocument = RedPanda.create("Employee", {
      firstName: RedPanda.types.string().required(),
      lastName: RedPanda.types.string().required(),
      company: RedPanda.types.dbref().collection(Company).required() // Foreign key to the "Company" collection
    // Extend the class with any additional methods
    class Employee extends EmployeeDocument {
      async sendPaycheck() {

    Instantiate, save, and update documents

    // Instantiate and save documents
    const amazon = new Company({
      name: "Amazon",
      address: "410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA, 98109",
      ceo: await Person.where("firstName", "==", "Jeff").where("lastName", "==", "Bezos").get()[0]
    await;  // document ID is XiDj72kfse92
    const newEmployee = new Employee({
      firstName: "John",
      lastName: "Doe",
      company: amazon 
    // Employee in the database is { firstName: "John", lastName: "Doe", company: "XiDj72kfse92" }
    // Update documents = "";
    // Alternative: await newEmployee.update({ email: });

    Query the database and $lookup & JOIN foreign keys

    // Simple Queries
    const employee = await Employee.findByID("A8djs7qQT");
    const employeeQuery = await Employee.where("lastName", ">=", "M").orderBy("firstName", "asc").limit(100).get();
    // Comlex queries that populate any foreign references automatically, including nested foreign keys
    // Here, we asked RedPanda to go ahead and $lookup/JOIN the foreign keys to a document in
    // the "company" collection and "" to a document in the "person" collection
    const employeeQuery = await Employee.where("name", "==", "John Doe").get({ 
      populate: ["company", ""] 
    for (const employee of employeeQuery) {
        console.log("The company name is ",;
        // "The company name is Amazon"
        console.log("The company's CEO is ",,;
        // The company's CEO is Jeff Bezos
    // Here, we only populate the company and not the company CEO
    const specificEmployee = await Employee.findByID("A8djs7qQT", {
       populate: ["company"]
    // Retrieve any foreign documents you didn't already populate with async/await syntax
    const ceo = await;
    console.log("The company CEO is ", ceo.firstName, ceo.lastName)
    // The foreign document is now accessible without Promises needed
    console.log("The company CEO is ",,

    Listen for realtime changes

    // Listen for realtime changes on documents, queries, and collections
    specificEmployee.listen({ onNext: (employee) => console.log(employee) });


    npm i redpanda-odm

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