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RedLine13 Peformance Testing with WebDriver

Runs WebDriver test to collect performance data and exports Apache JMeter data (as a .jtl)

  • PhantomJS - supports exporting performance data in realtime
  • Chrome - supports exporting performance data at end of test
  • Firefox - supports running test performance data is not currently supported.
  • IE - not supported
  • Safari - not supported


npm install redline13-webdriver

integrating with your tests

In your webdriver test file

  // include redline
  var redline = require( 'redline13-webdriver' );

  // load your driver via redline13
  // redline13 library uses standard mechanism but presets some capabilities
  var browser = redline.loadBrowser('chrome');

  // You can require webdriver yourself or use redline13.webdriver
  var By = redline.webdriver.By;
  var until = redline.webdriver.until;

  browser.get( "" );

Running at Scale on RedLine13

Checkout out and you can easily run this as 5 users or 5000 users. We have example of running a 5000 user selenium-webdriver performance test for $10.

redline13 methods

redline.loadBrowser( string browser, string domains, boolean hardFilter )

loads selenium driver class while wrapping to capture performance data

  @param browser phantomjs | chrome | firefox
  @param domains string space separated list of domains(regex) filters for inclusion in performance data
  @param hardFilter boolean true will cause anything not filtered to be ignored, false anything not filtered will be recorded only by domain name.

  @return Driver instance

redline.snap ( string filename )

Captures a screenshot and tracks completion. During a test on if you capture a screenshot and store it to output/filename.png it will make that screenshot available after test completion. This functions calls the normal takeScreenshot but forces storing filename in output/filename.

redline13 properties

api provides access to the redline13 api for recording extra performance or error data.

Locally it provides two methods

  • api.recordError( string|object error )
  • api.record(string label, date timestamp, int elapsed time, boolean err, int kb)

driver the driver loaded for the selected browser type webdriver - the original resource from require ('selenium-webdriver')

user name or id of user running test, will default to 0. During load tests this will be unique for each user simulated.

config empty by default. During a load test will provide data used to configure test definition.