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RedisDostuff v6.9

A command line tool for all your Redis command line fantasies, but wait, chill friend, don't get too excited by it though, calm down for a minute, just please hold your horses.

This is how it works:

in your command line, do:

npm install redisdostuff

after that,

in the directory where the RedisDoStuff.js file is located, set up your redis credentials in a file called .env. A .env file is provided in this package as a template. Then, while using your command line in that same folder, you can:

Input any redis command you like in the following form:

node RedisDoStuff redis-command argument-1 argument-2 argument-3 ... argument-n

Here are some example command line commands:

node RedisDoStuff set monkey banana

OK  // feedback from redis

Oh yeah baby!! Now you're getting the hang of it!

node RedisDoStuff get monkey


Holy smokes!! These commands are too sexy to handle!!!!!!

node RedisDoStuff setex radmonkey 69 "Ookie Ookie"

node RedisDoStuff randomkey


So fast and easy, just the way I like it!!!


npm modules used to make this:

News - v6.9 now available, here are the sensual changes that occurred:

  • tested with 100% code coverage (tests included in this module, just for you baby)

  • improved error handling

  • v6.9 no longer uses eval. So this code is safe to use in your code. Incredible! So stimulating and exciting.

hit me up with (compliments) || (suggestions && compliments) @ m.stecky.efantis at g mail dot com

Wow!! Unbelievable, striking power in this module. But be careful when using this module, it's very hot like hot people.


npm i redisdostuff

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