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    A Software development kit for easier connection and execution of Redis Modules commands

    A few words 💬

    An open source SDK of all the available Redis modules, built with TypeScript for better typing experiences and better usages.

    Benefits 🙊

    1. All in 1, all Redis modules are covered in 1 project
    2. Amazing 🔥 typing experiences, all types are well documented and easy to use!
    3. Easy to find your Redis command, each Redis module command has a referenced function in it's class!

    Let's get started 📝

    Installing latest version:

    npm install redis-modules-sdk@latest

    Versions & Releases

    • A list of existing versions can be found here
    • A list of releases will be found here

    Documentation 📖

    Come and read our documentation here before starting

    (RAIO) Redis "All in One"! 😱

    A class built for integrating more than one Redis module without creating more than one class!

    const client = new Redis(....);
    await client.connect();
    await client.ai_module_tensorset(...);
    await client.ris_module_add(...);
    await client.disconnect();

    All modules are supported! 🔥

    Supported modules 🕶️

    Contributing 🙌

    Interested in contributing? awesome! start with reading our guidelines here

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