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Redis high-availability client library


High availability Redis Client.

npm install redis-ha

Works 99% identical to redis client, in fact it relies on redis client to do all of the heavy lifting.

var redisha = require("redis-ha");
var client = redisha.createClient(); // works identical to redis client
client.addClient(6380); // this is unique to redis-ha
client.set("magic!", "magic", function() {
  client.get("magic!", function(err, val) {
    console.log("magic " + ((val === "magic") ? "===" : "!==") + "magic");

Spin up two instances of Redis locally, on ports 6379 (master) and 6380 (slave), and make sure the slave is configured to allow writes.

node tests/timer_test.js


node tests/brute_force.js
  • Take down the master, see it switch over instantly without fail
  • Take down the slave, see how even under worst case it can fail but handle gracefully
  • Bring slave back up, and see how fast it auto recovers
  • Bring master back up, and see how the master takes over once again

Custom methods include:

addClient - Works identical to redis client's createClient, except it adds the client to the current RedisHAClient instance.

var haclient = redisha.createClient();

RedisHAClient - Allows you to manage multiple instances of Redis High-Availability.

var RedisHAClient = redisha.RedisHAClient;
var client1 = new RedisHAClient();
var client2 = new RedisHAClient();
// want to share nodes too? No problem
var client3 = new RedisHAClient();

Otherwise, all commands are identical to the redis client: