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Redils - An HTML slider

A jQuery plugin that changes any HTML content into a slider or fader. Content should be contained within .slide containers. The slider has pagination (numbers, letters, text), timer, timer bar, arrows, carousel animation, rewind animation and overflow slides so that the next and prev slides can be viewed.


Initiate with $(selector).redils({'some':'property'});
Invoke methods with $(selector).redils('method', {'some':'property'});
Listen for various events on the slider with $(selector).on('redils.interaction', function(){}) Example

	debug: true,
	pagination: 'num'


Following structure is required for selector to work. (Using Emmet tab complete for full HTML or check /dev/index.html)

div.redils>div.slide-cont[style="width: 7020px"]>div.slides*5>img



Triggers when slider is first rendered.

$(selector).on('redils.initiated', function(){ }).redils();


Triggers when interacting with the slider. Swipe, click, arrow etc. Is not triggered in automatic slide mode.

$(selector).on('redils.interaction', function(){ }).redils();


Triggers when images in the slider are completely loaded. This triggers before rendered. Not many use cases for this.

$(selector).on('redils.imagesLoaded', function(){ }).redils();


When a multi slider is fully rendered for the first time and after every recalculation.

$(selector).on('redils.rendered', function(){ }).redils();


When a the slider is rendered and at every update.

$(selector).on('redils.updated', function(){ }).redils();


This is triggered before the slider starts animating.

$(selector).on('redils.beforeAnimating', function(){ }).redils();


This is triggered after the slider starts animating.

$(selector).on('redils.afterAnimating', function(){ }).redils();



Default 'dyn'
Expects 'dyn', integer

Enables dynamic widths of the slider. Redils works out how wide each slide is.

$(selector).redils({width: 'dyn'});


Default 1
Expects 0, 1, 2

Show slides around the main slider area. Clones slides to the end and the beginning of the slide container. Also important for using the slider in a carousel way. Infinity loop of slides.

$(selector).redils({overflow: '1'});


Default 200
Expects integer

How fast the animation between slides is.

$(selector).redils({speed: '200'});


Default false
Expects boolean

If the container is bigger than the slide it will center the slide. If not using overflow then padding will be added to the start and the end of the slideshow to center the first and last slides.

$(selector).redils({center: false});


Default true
Expects boolean, 'num', 'str', 'line', 'thumb', 'counter'

Adds dynamically created elements to pagination container. Pagination will only be true if a sibling to the called container has a container with .pagination.
'num' 'str' prints out consecutive numbers, letters respectively. data-pagination="String" can be set on each slide to define indivdual unique pagination names on each slide.
Pagination will create following html structure>a*5>span.default-pagination (default-pagination and 5 are subject to options).
If using 'line' then a slider will be created as a timeline of the slideshow.
Thumb uses the images from the slider to create the pagination thumbnails.
Counter adds current slide to .pagination-current and total slides to .pagination-total. Adds no extra HTML.

$(selector).redils({pagination: true});


Default false
Expects false, 'pre', 'post'

Used in combination with pagination to determine whether or not to add a prefix or suffix to the pagination.

$(selector).redils({attach: false});


Default false
Expects integer, false

This makes the slide container fill it's container completely. Integer is the minimum width of the slide container.

$(selector).redils({fullWidth: false});


Default 4000
Expects integer, false

Integer determines pause length before animating further. False takes away auto animation. Interaction with slider stops animation. To restart it call method resumAnimation.

$(selector).redils({auto: 4000});


Default false
Expects boolean

Slider resizes based on width of it's container and changes everytime window changes size. Good for stretch resposnsive websites better to handle breakpoint responsive sizing with method update.

$(selector).redils({autoResize: false});


Default true
Expects boolean

If slider is responsive it's default behaviour is to set the height based on images (due to legacy implications). Having height automatically set is not always necessary or desired as CSS can do this normally fine if the slider is based on image sizes.

$(selector).redils({setHeight: true});


Default false
Expects integer, float, false

If there is more than one image per slide that has different image ratios then this setting will need to be set. Recommended to be set as a data attribute i.e. data-ratio="". Ratio works out as width / height.

$(selector).redils({ratio: false});


Default false
Expects boolean

Automatically resizes the size of the container and how many slides that are in that container. Container can be styled with CSS. Super slide container can be defined by changing the multiSlideClass.

$(selector).redils({multiSlide: false});


Default 0
Expects integer

If there is padding or distance between images in the multislider use this variable to adjust for this. The integer will be doubled to account for both sides of the image. Also can be used to make fewer slides per superSlide.

$(selector).redils({multiSlidePadding: 0});


Default false
Expects array, false

Stipulate break points for multislider to change number of sub slides in super slide container. Allows for multiple slides in a super slide container. This requires multislide for it to work.

	multiSlide: true,
	breakPoints: [{breakAfter: 1200, numSlides: 9}, {breakAfter: 600, numSlides: 4}, {breakAfter: 0, numSlides: 1}],


Default false
Expects boolean

Should only be used if the plugin is already being used or if you want to switch between the two. Collapses the slider so that the slides are lying on top of each other and has a fade transition.

$(selector).redils({slide: false});


Default false
Expects boolean

Used in conjunction with the above property slide. This stacks the slides on either side of the viewport with a specific distance of the next and previous slides showing. The slide animation is via multiple CSS transforms & animations.

$(selector).redils({stacked: false});


Default false
Expects boolean

Manipulate the position of the slider with the left and right keys. The animation is on keydown and does not prevent any other listeners on the window event. If you want to preventDefaults then create a listener for that.

$(selector).redils({allowKeyboard: false});


Default false
Expects boolean

Updates the location hash window.location.hash. Each slide should have a data attribute with the desired hash. If none is set it defaults back to slide-# where # is the slide number with index starting at 1.

$(selector).redils({updateHash: false});


Default false
Expects boolean

Used to change between slides by dragging the slider left or right with the mouse. Doesn't affect touch events which always use drag.

$(selector).redils({drag: false});


Default swing
Expects string

This determines the type of easing used on animations during slide transitions. Swing is the inbuilt jQuery function. To add a new function you need to extend the Jquery.easing object with a function. These functions are not packaged in redils or executed their either.
Some standard functions for jquery easing also some examples of easing functions and their graphs
You can even define a cubic bezier animation for jQuery by using perhaps this plugin
To extend the jQuery easing object see following:

$.extend( $.easing, {
	easeOutCubic: function (x, t, b, c, d) {
		return c*((t=t/d-1)*t*t + 1) + b;

$(selector).redils({easing: 'easeOutCubic'});


Default false
Expects boolean

Sets debug mode on, should be off for production.

$(selector).redils({debug: false});


Numerous classes can be reassigned. Check the `defaultOpts {} as to which classes are able to be manipulated.



Run update when the slider has changed size that requires the recalculation of positions and size widths.



Used to pause animation i.e. onmousenter of container pause animation.



Used to resume animation i.e. onmouseleave of container resume animation.



Define outside of the plugin container which slide to move to. Option moveTo takes either a positive integer or negative integer. Positive moves the slider one to the right, negative, one to the left.

$(selector).redils('moveTo', {moveTo: 1});


Define outside of the plugin container which slide to skip to.

$(selector).redils('skipTo', {skipToSlide: 3, skipToSlideSpeed: 200});


Removes all data assigned to sliders, dismantles all extra html created by the plugin. Removes all plugin specific classes. Removes all inline styles (Warning! Even inline styles defined before initiate). Removes all events.
maintainWidth is set to false by default, if set to true it will keep the calculated width on the slide container.

$(selector).redils('destroy', {maintainWidth: false});


Version 1.17.2
Adjusted the slide threshold to be lower to make sliding more responsive.

Version 1.17.1
If breakpoints are set break on windowWidth not container width.

Version 1.17.0
Added a new pagination type - counter.

Version 1.16.2
Touch drag was being doubled resulting in slide moving faster than finger. This is now set to be same as finger.

Version 1.16.1
Fixed badly behaving html data objects. Asyncronously update sliders to ensure correct start position.

Version 1.16.0
Triggers an event for the first time updated after the slider has been fully rendered.

Version 1.15.0
Added a destroy method. Cleaned up all events to be namespaced with .redils for easier removal.

Version 1.14.5
Ensuring callback on afterAnimating.

Version 1.14.4
Major improvements in handling of overloading when changing slides and much improved touch capabilities inc. preventing scrolling when sliding.

Version 1.14.3
Possible IE fix regarding using calc() in transform functions.

Version 1.14.2
Removed console log for stacked. Made adjustments to the centering of the slider due to vw being the width of the page and not the document (vw includes scrollbars if visible).

Version 1.14.1
Pushed published version.

Version 1.14.0
Added new function for dragging slides with mouse. Rebuilt touch interactions to move slide. Added the ability to overwrite easing. Added user-select: none to slides to avoid highlighting of slides.

Version 1.13.2
Added support for modules and corrected package.json to the correct defaults.

Version 1.13.1
Fixed small path error to redils.min.css in main bower.json. Added header to css as well.

Version 1.13.0
Moved repo to new location and updated bower.json and package.json to more correct values. Added a new experimental slider type stacked. Outputting redils.css for easier integration with projects.

Version 1.12.2
Fixed calculation of center for sliders that show previous and next slides. Added an extra example of this behaviour.

Version 1.12.1
Multislide width calculation changed to rely on width of slide and not image. Image is not always 100% of the slide.

Version 1.12.0
Added thumb as an option to pagination. Uses slide image as an automatically generated thumbnail.

Version 1.11.7
Another fix due to data saved variable. Same method applied to the events to stop a double click.

Version 1.11.6
Fixed a weird bug that made the position get lost. Now remembers position correctly.

Version 1.11.5
Fixed temporary speed to use set speed. Removed animations if speed of animations set to 0.

Version 1.11.4
Set up a default position.

Version 1.11.3
Added a temporary speed adjustment variable mainly for skipTo animations.

Version 1.11.2
Fixed bugs with touch interaction on pagination line.

Version 1.11.1
A more accurate representation of size for each slide. Slides previously were automatically rounded via javascript's clientWidth therefore not giving an accurate length when using many slides.

Version 1.11.0
Added a new type of pagination for continuous sliding of the slideshow. Added padding to the slideshow for center to center the first and last slides.

Version 1.10.0
Even if slider only has one slide will now get all dimensions of a non-disabled slider. Making it easier when implementing.

Version 1.9.10
Changed bower dependencies.

Version 1.9.9
Total width now runs preliminarily for responsive slides before checking if images are loaded as this is based on size of container. Also updated fader to have updated total widths.

Version 1.9.8
If all images are not loaded after 2.5 seconds carry on with execution of slider anyway. This will probably need further refinement.

Version 1.9.7
Added a new event for when slider is updated and on initial load.

Version 1.9.6
Added a class for when the slider's images had completed loading.

Version 1.9.5
Running update was converting non-multisliders into multisliders.

Version 1.9.4
Moved position of the before animating event. So that the position is correctly defined as the next position.

Version 1.9.3
Edited bower dependencies for jQuery to >=1.8

Version 1.9.2
Added two triggers for listening to before the slider slides and after the slider finishes its animation.

Version 1.9.1
Multislide now has a class added to it for the disabling of arrows and pagination when there is only one slide left. This does not disable sliding in any way and is responsive.

Version 1.9.0
Added in an optional height for responsive sliders. This is so that there can be headers on some slides.

Version 1.8.2
Removed id's on duplicated slides to avoid conflicts with original slides.

Version 1.8.1
Updated the method update to force a reload and re-calculation of multisliders. Also ran update through test for images as it is likely that images may not be fully loaded on update.

Version 1.8.0
Added a new slider layout. Contact sheet. Several slides with a predetermined breakpoint. Important breakpoint is not window based but based on container that slides sit in. This allows responsive images that stretch and at a certain point break into more slides. This is an addition to the multislide function. Also in this release a minor bug was discovered and fixed related to having several multisiders of different proportions on the same page.

Version 1.7.1
Edited default values for hash. Removed overflow slides from being counted. Fixed on load with no hash.

Version 1.7.0
Added many more external controls. Now possible to control the slider with keyboard and via external buttons to move to the next/prev slide. Hash is updateable via adding a data-hash attribute to the elements. On reload the slider automatically comes back to that position. Removed variables from scss.

Version 1.6.5
Small touch ups. Added arrows to demo and did a test with padding for the slider. Updated to latest gulp plugin locally.

Version 1.6.4
Tweaked the feel of touch sliding. If sliding to the right or the left more than vertically scrolling is disabled.

Version 1.6.3
Touch events have been rewritten and optimized so that it's not on touchend but on touchmove the slider slides among other optimizations for touch events. Rewrote how position works for the slides, now completely dependent on the data object. Pagination now works for multislide and fader.

Version 1.6.2
Added a class for redils activated.

Version 1.6.1
Refactored how the slider fades between slides. Now using relative z-indexes. Fader now is by-directional.

Version 1.6.0
Initialized deprecation of using tables as arrow controls now using divs. Added a bug fix to the slider that is not multislide or autoresize.

Version 1.5.5
Many fixes to the way multislider works. When the slides within the multislider is only one the slider changes back to single slides.

Version 1.5.4
Event on the redils element for when the slider is finished rendering.

Version 1.5.3
Added a fixed ratio property for sliders that have multiple images in it.

Version 1.5.2
Removed some faulty logic that made multislide not update on resize.

Version 1.5.1
Better image width handling. Image width was based on naturalWidth which meant if the image was naturally large i.e. for retina screens the size of the image was read wrong. Now back to using jQuery .width() command. Code needs to be refactored to take into account image loading. Too many functions doing similar things.

Version 1.5.0
Added the possibility for multiple slides to be placed in one super slide. The slider can then slide multiple slides at the one time. The CSS has changed a bit and is now dependent on redils-responsive and redils-multislide. This will continue for all use cases.

Version 1.4.2
Fixes to the resize feature. Slider was not responding on all browsers to resizing.

Version 1.4.1
Added a development version of the code in the final dist folder as well.

Version 1.4.0
Auto resize now updates the size of the slider based on parent container's width and ratio of slides. Using naturalWidth/naturalHeight

Version 1.3.4
Tidying up resize of the slider added an option to have the resize decided by the plugin or from outside.

Version 1.3.3
Added 1px to each slide to account for subpixels.

Version 1.3.2
Fixed a few bugs regarding resizing the slider and updating slide widths.

Version 1.3.1
If on interaction slider stops, if on pause or resume slider continues only if it hasn't been interacted with.

Version 1.3
Added a new method skipToSlide.

Version 1.2.1
Added a small fix for pagination pre/post so if there is no data tag and it returns undefined it isn't printed.

Version 1.2
Added in pause and resume animation

Version 1.1
Individual pagination menu items Full width slides Fix on update

Version 1.0
Basic slider finished.



  • This plugin requires node, gulpjs and bower.
  • Follow JSCS guidelines a styling-example.js is also included.
  • Run bower install and npm install to get dev dependencies. Bower and Gulp is assumed to be running globally.


This is a small plugin by Young Skilled. Contact richard for more details about this plugin.




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