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A very simple wrapper around Reddit's API, built for an on going side project. Currently has a very, very slim API, but as I need it more I'll develop out the API.

Please don't use or rely on this yet - it's still very young and I'm currently constantly tweaking.


Primary use at the moment is to get listings:

var wrap = new RedditWrapper();
    subReddit: 'vim', // leave out to get posts from home page 
    category: 'new' // leave out to get 'hot' posts (usually what you want) 
}, function(err, resp, body) {
    // body is the JSON response, parsed into a json object 

It also does caching, although that's only supported through MongoDB right now.


There's lots missing here. Most importantly:

  • all listings just return the first set. Need to be able to page through content
  • make the methods return promises, as an alternative to callbacks.