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Converts Reddit's API into structured formats


Transforms the auto generated Reddit API into structured formats for consumption by anyone looking to write a wrapper for the Reddit API.

The dist folder contains the various outputs that can be consumed.

The data format is a flat array of endpoints.

Every endpoint has enough data with it to create a call to the Reddit API. Here is a sample of one endpoint [/r/subreddit]/new:

        "path": "/r/$subreddit/new",
        "url": {
            "oauth": "$subreddit/new",
            "standard": "$subreddit/new"
        "oauth": [
        "extensions": [
        "method": "GET",
        "describe": "This endpoint is a listing.",
        "args": {
            "after": {
                "describe": "fullname of a thing"
            "before": {
                "describe": "fullname of a thing"
            "count": {
                "describe": "a positive integer (default: 0)"
            "limit": {
                "describe": "the maximum number of items desired (default: 25, maximum: 100)"
            "show": {
                "describe": "(optional) the string all"
    {/* another endpoint */},
    {/* and another... */}

Sometimes there are parameters in the url. These are represented with a "$" prepending the name of the variable. Given this path, the path in the endpoint will look like:


Without a package manager

Pull out the files you need from the dist folder.


npm install reddit-api-generator


bower install reddit-api-generator


Raw JSON can be used in any language.


var redditApi = require('reddit-api-generator');


requirejs(['reddit-api-generator'], function(redditApi) {
npm test

Run the command bin/