Wrapper class for the Reddit API


This is a project to wrap and make the Reddit API easily accessible to your node.js applications.

See the Reddit API documentation for details on what to do.

Please note, this is not finished. I will be developing it as I go. I am working on my own projects to leverage the reddit API, so I started the effort. Pull requests are very welcome!


Please don't mind the coffeescript example for the time being. Again, this is a work in prorgess. :)

You would launch this like: user=foo password=bar coffee

Reddit = require 'reddit-api'
reddit = new Reddit 'cutebot v0.1 by /u/YOUR_REDDIT_USERNAME_HERE'
# Automatic rate limiting.
# Login operation.  
{user, password} = process.env
reddit.login user, password, (error) ->
    throw error if error?
# Fetch subreddit posts operation.
reddit.subredditPosts 'trees', (error, posts) ->
    throw error if error?
    console.log posts
# Notification when all queued operations are complete.
reddit.on 'dispatchingFinished', ->
    # Shut it down.


  • Use the limiter by default, but allow bursting
  • Obviously, implement more of the API including OAuth