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Simple, flexible file copy utility


  • Recursively copy whole directory hierarchies
  • Choose which files are copied by passing a filter function, regular expression or glob
  • Rename files dynamically, including changing the output path
  • Transform file contents using streams
  • Choose whether to overwrite existing files
  • Choose whether to copy system files
  • Filters out junk files by default
  • Uses graceful-fs and mkdirp to avoid filesystem errors
  • Emits start, finish and error events for each file that is processed
  • Optional promise-based interface


Node-style callback interface

var copy = require('recursive-copy');
copy('src', 'dest', function(error, results) {
    if (error) {
        console.error('Copy failed: ' + error);
    } else {
        console.info('Copied ' + results.length + ' files');

Promise interface

var copy = require('recursive-copy');
copy('src', 'dest')
    .then(function(results) {
        console.info('Copied ' + results.length + ' files');
    .catch(function(error) {
        console.error('Copy failed: ' + error);

TypeScript usage

import copy from 'recursive-copy';
try {
    await copy('src', 'dest');
} catch (e) {

Advanced options

var copy = require('recursive-copy');
var path = require('path');
var through = require('through2');
var options = {
    overwrite: true,
    expand: true,
    dot: true,
    junk: true,
    filter: [
    rename: function(filePath) {
        return filePath + '.orig';
    transform: function(src, dest, stats) {
        if (path.extname(src) !== '.txt') { return null; }
        return through(function(chunk, enc, done)  {
            var output = chunk.toString().toUpperCase();
            done(null, output);
copy('src', 'dest', options)
    .on(copy.events.COPY_FILE_START, function(copyOperation) {
        console.info('Copying file ' + copyOperation.src + '...');
    .on(copy.events.COPY_FILE_COMPLETE, function(copyOperation) {
        console.info('Copied to ' + copyOperation.dest);
    .on(copy.events.ERROR, function(error, copyOperation) {
        console.error('Unable to copy ' + copyOperation.dest);
    .then(function(results) {
        console.info(results.length + ' file(s) copied');
    .catch(function(error) {
        return console.error('Copy failed: ' + error);


copy(src, dest, [options], [callback])

Recursively copy files and folders from src to dest


Name Type Required Default Description
src string Yes N/A Source file/folder path
dest string Yes N/A Destination file/folder path
options.overwrite boolean No false Whether to overwrite destination files
options.expand boolean No false Whether to expand symbolic links
options.dot boolean No false Whether to copy files beginning with a .
options.junk boolean No false Whether to copy OS junk files (e.g. .DS_Store, Thumbs.db)
options.filter function, RegExp, string, array No null Filter function / regular expression / glob that determines which files to copy (uses maximatch)
options.rename function No null Function that maps source paths to destination paths
options.transform function No null Function that returns a transform stream used to modify file contents
options.results boolean No true Whether to return an array of copy results
options.concurrency number No 255 Maximum number of simultaneous copy operations
options.debug boolean No false Whether to log debug information
callback function No null Callback, invoked on success/failure


Promise<Array> Promise, fulfilled with array of copy results:

        "src": "/path/to/src",
        "dest": "/path/to/dest",
        "stats": <Stats>
        "src": "/path/to/src/file.txt",
        "dest": "/path/to/dest/file.txt",
        "stats": <Stats>
        "src": "/path/to/src/subfolder",
        "dest": "/path/to/dest/subfolder",
        "stats": <Stats>
        "src": "/path/to/src/subfolder/nested.txt",
        "dest": "/path/to/dest/subfolder/nested.txt",
        "stats": <Stats>


The value returned by the copy function implements the EventEmitter interface, and emits the following events:

Event Handler signature
copy.events.ERROR function(error, ErrorInfo)
copy.events.COMPLETE function(Array<CopyOperation>)
copy.events.CREATE_DIRECTORY_START function(CopyOperation)
copy.events.CREATE_DIRECTORY_ERROR function(error, CopyOperation)
copy.events.CREATE_DIRECTORY_COMPLETE function(CopyOperation)
copy.events.CREATE_SYMLINK_START function(CopyOperation)
copy.events.CREATE_SYMLINK_ERROR function(error, CopyOperation)
copy.events.CREATE_SYMLINK_COMPLETE function(CopyOperation)
copy.events.COPY_FILE_START function(CopyOperation)
copy.events.COPY_FILE_ERROR function(error, CopyOperation)
copy.events.COPY_FILE_COMPLETE function(CopyOperation)

...where the types referred to in the handler signature are as follows:


Property Type Description
src string Source path of the file/folder/symlink that failed to copy
dest string Destination path of the file/folder/symlink that failed to copy


Property Type Description
src string Source path of the relevant file/folder/symlink
dest string Destination path of the relevant file/folder/symlink
stats fs.Stats Stats for the relevant file/folder/symlink


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