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Record Entire Meeting using Pure JavaScript API!

npm downloads

npm install record-entire-meeting
node server.js

This application runs top over MediaStreamRecorder.js:

Browser Support

  1. Canary with chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features
  2. Firefox


  • Record both audio/video from each user participating in a meeting room.
  • Record all videos from all the participants.
  • Merge/Mux then Concatenate using Ffmpeg on Node.js server
  • Scale videos at the end into a single grid-like stream so that later viewers are given single file containing all the videos and audios.

Use in your own applications

// 1st step 
var NodeJsRecordingHandler = require('./Nodejs-Recording-Handler.js');
io.on('connection', function(socket) {
    // 2nd & last step: 
    // call below line for each socket connection 
    // it will never affect your other events or objects 
    // your custom code goes here 


Record-Entire-Meeting is released under MIT licence. Copyright (c) Muaz Khan.