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Calculates recommended bump (next semver version) based on given array of commit messages following Conventional Commits specification

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This project requires Node.js ^8.10.0 || >=10.13.0. Install it using yarn or npm.
We highly recommend to use Yarn when you think to contribute to this project.

$ yarn add recommended-bump


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Calculates recommended bump (next version), based on given commits. It always returns an object. If no commits are given it is { increment: false }. Otherwise it may contain patch, minor, or major properties which are of Array<Commit> type, based on parse-commit-message.

ProTip: Use result[result.increment] to get most meanigful result.

Each item passed as commits is validated against the Convetional Comits Specification and using parse-commit-message. Commits can be string, array of commit message strings, array of objects (of type Commit as defined) or mix of previous posibilities.

See the tests and examples for more clarity.


  • commits {string||} commit messages one of string, Array<string> or Array<Commit>
  • [options] {object} pass additional options.plugins to be passed to parse-commit-message


  • object result like { increment: boolean | string, patch?, minor?, major? }


import recommendedBump from 'recommended-bump';
const commits = [
  'chore: foo bar baz',
  `fix(cli): some bugfix msg here
Some awesome body.
Great footer and GPG sign off, yeah!
Signed-off-by: Awesome footer <>`
const { increment, isBreaking, patch } = recommendedBump(commits);
console.log(isBreaking); // => false
console.log(increment); // => 'patch'
// => [{ header: { type, scope, subject }, body, footer }, { ... }]
console.log(patch[0].header.type); // => 'fix'
console.log(patch[0].header.scope); // => 'cli'
console.log(patch[0].header.subject); // => 'some bugfix msg here'
console.log(patch[0].body); // => 'Some awesome body.'
// => 'Great footer and GPG sign off, yeah!\nSigned-off-by: Awesome footer <>'
import { parse } from 'parse-commit-message';
import recommendedBump from 'recommended-bump';
const commitOne = parse('fix: foo bar');
const commitTwo = parse('feat: some feature subject');
const result = recommendedBump([commitOne, commitTwo]);
console.log(result.increment); // => 'minor'
console.log(result.isBreaking); // => false
console.log(result.minor); // => [{ ... }]

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Copyright (c) 2018-present, Charlike Mike Reagent <> & contributors.
Released under the Apache-2.0 License.




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