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Receptus Build Status

Node module that apply DI concept and Promises to shape a KDD process. We recommend the use in conjunction with Receptus Algorithms

Quick Use

To install this module:

npm install receptus

And then to use it:

var Receptus = require("receptus"),
	receptus = new Receptus({
		path: "" //Absolute path to algorithms

Quick description of functions available

//Absolute path to algorithms
receptus = new Receptus();
receptus = new Receptus({
	path: [String]
receptus = new Receptus({
	path: [Array of String]

// Load absolute paths to files with algorithms, uses deep search
receptus.loadDependencies([Array of String]);

// Save a dependency so when needed the system will be able to resolve it
// First arguments is the id of the dependency
// Second argument is the value of the dependency
receptus.addDependency([String], [Mixed]) 

// Save a step to use it multiple times
// First arguments is the id of the step
// Second argument is a callback with DI capabilities
receptus.saveStep([String], [Function]);

// Encapsulation of Promise.then second argument function
// Callback function has DI capabilities 

// Encapsulation of Promise. then first argument function
// Callback function has DI capabilities
// String is the id of a saved step
// Boolean: True -> Parallel steps
// Boolean: False -> Sequential steps
receptus.step([String], [Function]);
receptus.step([Boolean], [Array of String]);

For examples go Receptus Algorithms Examples