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    Reboost is a super fast dev server for rapid web development.
    It makes use of native ES modules to enable fast, bundle-less development experience, so you can develop your app faster. Learn more about what it does.


    • No bundling. So the server start time is fast.
    • Transforms only the required/changed files.
    • Uses advanced filesystem cache. It will stay fast even after restarting.
    • Complete source maps support for better developer experience.
    • Supports CommonJS modules.
    • Plugin API for extending its capability.
    • Enhanced import resolving.
    • Built-in Hot Reload API.
    • Out of the box support for JSON, CSS Modules, JSX, and TypeScript.
    • Preprocessor support using Plugin.
    • Combine with any other server.
    • Built-in content server with live reload and hot reload for CSS.
    • Lots of configurable options.


    Experimental: Reboost is in early development, and some things may change/break before we hit version 1.0.
    Only for development build: Reboost is intended to use only on development, for production you've to bundle up your files by yourself using bundlers like Webpack, Rollup, etc.


    Run this command in your terminal

    npm init @reboost/app

    Then it will ask you to choose a template from the available templates.

    After that, open the directory where your app is extracted, install dependencies, then run

    node reboost

    If you don't want to use the CLI, you can manually create an app.


    Plugin API
    Hot Reload API

    What are supported

    See the Recipes for many template configurations.

    What it does

    When developing a web app, as your number of modules increases, your compile-time slows down, it's a big problem, it takes a lot of precious time which you could have used to develop your app. Since ES2015 (aka ES6) modules are supported natively by browsers. If you can connect (or you can say serve) them up correctly, it will work on browsers without the need for bundling. Here, Reboost does that for you - the serving part. So you can develop your app faster.


    Licensed under the MIT License.

    Thanks for your support

    This project is nothing without your support. If you like this project then help us by giving a star on its GitHub repository 😃


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