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    A repo manager built with web components & standards

    Early releases under Releases on GitHub

    todo / issues under Issues on GitHub

    There is a complimenting vs code theme now called Abyski


    Wanted a repo manager that

    • Opens & works quickly then gets out of the way
    • Built with web components & standards to easily to extend and hack on
    • Compliments vs code; In between
      • dumb (eg: OS file manager)
      • complex (eg: Gitkraken)

    Some functions include

    • Filter ( Ctrl+F )
    • Open in VS Code ( </> icon )
    • New project, Salesforce project or git clone ( Ctrl+N )
      • Auto opens in VS Code on creation
    • Run commands in terminal-like view or via shortcut icons which include:
      • ls
      • Archive (offers to delete after backup)
      • git status
      • Open in Github ( runs git remote -v & parses URL to open in default browser )
      • Open in OS file manager
      • Clear terminal
      • Delete

    Potential Issues


    The 'Open in VS Code' feature expects code to be a cli command but VS Code docs state users on macOS must first run a command (Shell Command: Install 'code' command in PATH) to add VS Code executable to the PATH environment variable. Read the macOS setup guide for help.

    Develop Reapo

    Clone it

    git clone https://github.com/jsmithdev/reapo.git && cd reapo

    Install it

    npm i

    Start it

    npm run start

    Package it

    npm run package

    Make it (create an installer for your current OS)

    npm run make

    Publish it

    npm run publish

    Made with πŸ’™ by Jamie Smith


    npm i reapo

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