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    Logmyapp logging

    Logmyapp was built with simplicity in mind for developers. There are many things you can do with logmyapp such as logging when data goes through fine or when those errors show up unexpected.


    Steps to use Logmyapp

    Head over to logmyapp choose login or sign up. After that, you will taken to a dashboard.

    Once on the dashboard click new project in the top right corner in the dropdown menu.

    Enter in the neccessary information the form. After that, you will get your API key.

    After this you are ready to start using our npm package for monitoring

    How to use this package

    First install the package

      npm i logmyapp

    After installing include this in the component or file you want to use logmyapp in.

    import { log } from 'logymapp'

    After importing the package use it like below in all or just specific areas.

    const myFunction = () => {
        // your function that does an api call to your backend
            .then((response) => {
                log(response.status, 'success', APIKEY)
            .catch((error) => {
                log(error.message, 'error', APIKEY)
            .finally((finalResponse) => {
                log(finalResponse, 'finally', APIKEY)
    useEffect(() => {

    You can use all or just 1 of the above. Our platform doesn't require all 3 to function properly. The only thing is for better logging/monitoring you may want to include atleast .then and .catch

    API Reference for npm package

    Log an action

      log(message, type, apikey)
    Parameter Type Description
    message string Required. The message to display in monitoring
    type string Required. Possible params are (error, success, finally)
    apikey string Required. Your API key obtained from here


    npm i real-logger

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