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    ReadMe Metrics

    Track usage of your API and troubleshoot issues faster.

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    With ReadMe's Metrics API your team can get deep insights into your API's usage. If you're a developer, it takes a few small steps to send your API logs to ReadMe. Here's an overview of how the integration works:

    • You add the Node.js SDK to your server manually or via the included middleware.
    • The Node.js SDK sends ReadMe the details of your API's incoming requests and outgoing responses, with the option for you to redact any private parameters or headers.
    • ReadMe uses these request and response details to create an API Metrics Dashboard which can be used to analyze specific API calls or monitor aggregate usage data.
    npm install readmeio --save

    🚧 Any Issues?

    Integrations can be tricky! Contact support if you have any questions/issues.


    npm i readmeio

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