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View markdown documents in your browser.

Live updates, Github styling, syntax highlighting, and file browsing.

Designed for local use only.


npm install -g readmark


cd path/to/source/root
readmark [port]

Starts serving files in the working directory. The optional port argument defaults to 8080.

Readmark will attempt to reconnect for live updating to any browser windows that were already open. If nothing reconnects within a second, readmark will open a browser window for you to the home url.


Live Update

Any changes to markdown files will be automatically reflected in the browser window.

File watchers are limited to the files currently open in your browser as tracked by Socket.io connections.

Syntax Highlighting

Fenced code blocks are highlighted using highlight.js.

Directory Listing

Browse directory listings rooted at the working directory.

Shows the listing in the current path. You can navigate deeper or rise up the tree to the working directory. Clicking when already viewing the directory listing will return to the index or readme markdown file in the current path if it exists.

Toggle Directory Listing

Hotkey: l

Node Modules Listing

View a list of modules installed in the working directory.

Node Modules Listing

Hotkey: n

View Raw File

View the raw version of any file.

View Raw File

Hotkey: r

Relative Paths

Navigate to links relative to the working directory for Github style multi-page documentation and multimedia content.

Serve more than Markdown

The server will serve anything in the working directory. Markdown and LESS formatted files will be automatically rendered.

The following file extensions are assumed to contain markdown:

  • md
  • markdown
  • mdown
  • mkdn
  • mkd
  • mdwn
  • mdtxt
  • mdtext
  • text

Plain text files are served in an HTML page with the text embedded in a <pre> tag. Files without an extension are interpreted as plain text.

All other files will be served as is with their default mime-type.

No Internet Connection Required

No CDNs are used to host dependencies, so operation should not be affected by the lack of an internet connection.


I didn't go in depth with customization options. This was intended for my personal use, and I wanted Github like styling, relative linking, and syntax highlighting.

If there is a "readmark.js" file in the working directory, it will be required and there will be a readmark global which is the express app. The listener won't automatically be started in this case.

Example "readmark.js" file:

// Listen on all endpoints instead of just (localhost).

The readmark global is the express app, but the http server, socket.io manager, and mustache views are also available.

global.readmark.server; // The HTTP server.
global.readmark.io; // The Socket.io manager.
global.readmark.views; // A map of the mustache views.
global.readmark.handlers; // A map of express route handlers.

There are also two methods on the readmark global:

  • readmark.listen(...) which is just an alias for readmark.server.listen(...)
  • readmark.close() which is the prefered way to gracefully shutdown the server.


The "/readmark/" path is reserved for serving content built-in to the Readmark module. If for some reason the working directory also has a "readmark" sub-directory, it will not be accessible.




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