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    Recursive version of fs.readdir. Exposes a stream API and a promise API.

    npm install readdirp
    const readdirp = require('readdirp');
    // Use streams to achieve small RAM & CPU footprint.
    // 1) Streams example with for-await.
    for await (const entry of readdirp('.')) {
      const {path} = entry;
    // 2) Streams example, non for-await.
    // Print out all JS files along with their size within the current folder & subfolders.
    readdirp('.', {fileFilter: '*.js', alwaysStat: true})
      .on('data', (entry) => {
        const {path, stats: {size}} = entry;
        console.log(`${JSON.stringify({path, size})}`);
      // Optionally call stream.destroy() in `warn()` in order to abort and cause 'close' to be emitted
      .on('warn', error => console.error('non-fatal error', error))
      .on('error', error => console.error('fatal error', error))
      .on('end', () => console.log('done'));
    // 3) Promise example. More RAM and CPU than streams / for-await.
    const files = await readdirp.promise('.');
    console.log( => file.path));
    // Other options.
    readdirp('test', {
      fileFilter: '*.js',
      directoryFilter: ['!.git', '!*modules']
      // directoryFilter: (di) => di.basename.length === 9
      type: 'files_directories',
      depth: 1

    For more examples, check out examples directory.


    const stream = readdirp(root[, options])Stream API

    • Reads given root recursively and returns a stream of entry infos
    • Optionally can be used like for await (const entry of stream) with node.js 10+ (asyncIterator).
    • on('data', (entry) => {}) entry info for every file / dir.
    • on('warn', (error) => {}) non-fatal Error that prevents a file / dir from being processed. Example: inaccessible to the user.
    • on('error', (error) => {}) fatal Error which also ends the stream. Example: illegal options where passed.
    • on('end') — we are done. Called when all entries were found and no more will be emitted.
    • on('close') — stream is destroyed via stream.destroy(). Could be useful if you want to manually abort even on a non fatal error. At that point the stream is no longer readable and no more entries, warning or errors are emitted
    • To learn more about streams, consult the very detailed nodejs streams documentation or the stream-handbook

    const entries = await readdirp.promise(root[, options])Promise API. Returns a list of entry infos.

    First argument is awalys root, path in which to start reading and recursing into subdirectories.


    • fileFilter: ["*.js"]: filter to include or exclude files. A Function, Glob string or Array of glob strings.
      • Function: a function that takes an entry info as a parameter and returns true to include or false to exclude the entry
      • Glob string: a string (e.g., *.js) which is matched using picomatch, so go there for more information. Globstars (**) are not supported since specifying a recursive pattern for an already recursive function doesn't make sense. Negated globs (as explained in the minimatch documentation) are allowed, e.g., !*.txt matches everything but text files.
      • Array of glob strings: either need to be all inclusive or all exclusive (negated) patterns otherwise an error is thrown. ['*.json', '*.js'] includes all JavaScript and Json files. ['!.git', '!node_modules'] includes all directories except the '.git' and 'node_modules'.
      • Directories that do not pass a filter will not be recursed into.
    • directoryFilter: ['!.git']: filter to include/exclude directories found and to recurse into. Directories that do not pass a filter will not be recursed into.
    • depth: 5: depth at which to stop recursing even if more subdirectories are found
    • type: 'files': determines if data events on the stream should be emitted for 'files' (default), 'directories', 'files_directories', or 'all'. Setting to 'all' will also include entries for other types of file descriptors like character devices, unix sockets and named pipes.
    • alwaysStat: false: always return stats property for every file. Default is false, readdirp will return Dirent entries. Setting it to true can double readdir execution time - use it only when you need file size, mtime etc. Cannot be enabled on node <10.10.0.
    • lstat: false: include symlink entries in the stream along with files. When true, fs.lstat would be used instead of fs.stat


    Has the following properties:

    • path: 'assets/javascripts/react.js': path to the file/directory (relative to given root)
    • fullPath: '/Users/dev/projects/app/assets/javascripts/react.js': full path to the file/directory found
    • basename: 'react.js': name of the file/directory
    • dirent: fs.Dirent: built-in dir entry object - only with alwaysStat: false
    • stats: fs.Stats: built in stat object - only with alwaysStat: true


    • 3.5 (Oct 13, 2020) disallows recursive directory-based symlinks. Before, it could have entered infinite loop.
    • 3.4 (Mar 19, 2020) adds support for directory-based symlinks.
    • 3.3 (Dec 6, 2019) stabilizes RAM consumption and enables perf management with highWaterMark option. Fixes race conditions related to for-await looping.
    • 3.2 (Oct 14, 2019) improves performance by 250% and makes streams implementation more idiomatic.
    • 3.1 (Jul 7, 2019) brings bigint support to stat output on Windows. This is backwards-incompatible for some cases. Be careful. It you use it incorrectly, you'll see "TypeError: Cannot mix BigInt and other types, use explicit conversions".
    • 3.0 brings huge performance improvements and stream backpressure support.
    • Upgrading 2.x to 3.x:
      • Signature changed from readdirp(options) to readdirp(root, options)
      • Replaced callback API with promise API.
      • Renamed entryType option to type
      • Renamed entryType: 'both' to 'files_directories'
      • EntryInfo
        • Renamed stat to stats
          • Emitted only when alwaysStat: true
          • dirent is emitted instead of stats by default with alwaysStat: false
        • Renamed name to basename
        • Removed parentDir and fullParentDir properties
    • Supported node.js versions:
      • 3.x: node 8+
      • 2.x: node 0.6+


    Copyright (c) 2012-2019 Thorsten Lorenz, Paul Miller (

    MIT License, see LICENSE file.


    npm i readdirp

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