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    Recursive version of fs.readdir wih stream API and glob filtering. Uses the minimatch library to do its matching.


    Install with npm

    npm i readdir-glob
    const readdirGlob = require('readdir-glob');
    const globber = readdirGlob('.', {pattern: '**/*.js'});
    globber.on('match', match => {
        // m.relative: relative path of the matched file
        // m.absolute: absolute path of the matched file
        // m.stat: stat of the matched file (only if stat:true option is used)
    globber.on('error', err => {
        console.error('fatal error', err);
    globber.on('end', (m) => {

    readdirGlob(root, [options])

    • root {String} Path to be read recursively, default: '.'
    • options {Object} Options, default: {}

    Returns a EventEmitter reading given root recursively.


    • options: The options object passed in.
    • paused: Boolean which is set to true when calling pause().
    • aborted Boolean which is set to true when calling abort(). There is no way at this time to continue a glob search after aborting.


    • match: Every time a match is found, this is emitted with the specific thing that matched.
    • end: When the matching is finished, this is emitted with all the matches found.
    • error: Emitted when an unexpected error is encountered.


    • pause(): Temporarily stop the search
    • resume(): Resume the search
    • abort(): Stop the search forever


    • pattern: Glob pattern or Array of Glob patterns to match the found files with. A file has to match at least one of the provided patterns to be returned.
    • ignore: Glob pattern or Array of Glob patterns to exclude matches. If a file or a folder matches at least one of the provided patterns, it's not returned. It doesn't prevent files from folder content to be returned. Note: ignore patterns are always in dot:true mode.
    • skip: Glob pattern or Array of Glob patterns to exclude folders. If a folder matches one of the provided patterns, it's not returned, and it's not explored: this prevents any of its children to be returned. Note: skip patterns are always in dot:true mode.
    • mark: Add a / character to directory matches.
    • stat: Set to true to stat all results. This reduces performance.
    • silent: When an unusual error is encountered when attempting to read a directory, a warning will be printed to stderr. Set the silent option to true to suppress these warnings.
    • nodir: Do not match directories, only files.
    • follow: Follow symlinked directories. Note that requires to stat all results, and so reduces performance.

    The following options apply only if pattern option is set, and are forwarded to minimatch:

    • dot: Allow pattern to match filenames starting with a period, even if the pattern does not explicitly have a period in that spot.
    • noglobstar: Disable ** matching against multiple folder names.
    • nocase: Perform a case-insensitive match. Note: on case-insensitive filesystems, non-magic patterns will match by default, since stat and readdir will not raise errors.
    • matchBase: Perform a basename-only match if the pattern does not contain any slash characters. That is, *.js would be treated as equivalent to **/*.js, matching all js files in all directories.


    Unit-test set is based on node-glob tests.


    npm i readdir-glob

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