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Convert a git repo into html pages to read anywhere.


Given a repository url or a local folder, it will convert all files into syntax highlighted .html files, while maintaining the original folder structure.

Finally it will create a zip file of all highlighted files which you can then read on a reader like iPad, e.g., with GoodReader


Requires python to be installed.

npm install readarepo-zip


Convert a repository

Convert a github repository use readarepo-zip.js.

Running it without parameters will print the following guide:

> node ./readarepo-zip.js

-u, --url          [required]
-t, --target       [default: "./tmp"]
-d, --directories  [default: "!.git,!node_modules"]
-f, --files        
-h, --highlighter  [default: "pygments"]
-l, --loglevel     [default: "info"]

Missing required arguments: u

As an example, in order to convert this repository you would do:

node readarepo-zip.js -u -d '!.git,!3rd' 
  • -d '!.git,!3rd' makes sure we don't attempt to convert the '.git' folder or the '3rd' which (contains a copy of the pygments library.

  • read more about file and directory filters on the fsrec repository since readarepo-zip uses it under the hood.

Convert a folder

In order to convert all files found within a folder on your machine, use readafolder-zip.js.

Running it without parameters will print the following guide:

> node readafolder-zip

-s, --source       [required]
-t, --target       [default: "./tmp"]
-d, --directories  [default: "!.git,!node_modules"]
-f, --files        
-h, --highlighter  [default: "pygments"]
-l, --loglevel     [default: "info"]

Missing required arguments: s

As an example, in order to convert folder './foo' (excluding '.svn' folders) and store it inside './foo_converted', you would do:

node readafolder-zip.js -s ./foo -t ./foo_converted -d '!.svn'
  • filters work the same as explained above

Available highlighters

You can currently choose from three highlighters:


In order to support using readarepo-zip as a service, it exposes all necessary functions via the service module.

As a guide on how to use it look inside readarepo-zip.js and readafolder-zip.js.

Most functions take a function as last parameter which will be invoked once the task is complete.

Here is a list of the ones you may most likely use:

  • convertFolder: function (rootPath, opts, convertedFolderCb)
  • cloneAndConvert: function (opts, clonedAndConvertedCb)
  • startPygmentsService: function(cb)
  • stopPygmentsService: function()

For more information - soon - you may also look at the readarepo-web project which leverages this API to expose readarepo-zip as a service on the web.