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The thing cortex uses to read cortex.json files or fallback to read cortex configurations from package.json.

Cortex supports both cortex.json and the 'cortex' field of package.json. But with read-cortex-json, you don't have to care about all this, and you should ALWAYS use this module to read and save cortex.json.


npm install read-cortex-json --save


var cortexJson = require('read-cortex-json');

cortexJson.read(cwd, callback)

  • cwd path current working directory
  • callback function(err, json)
  • err Error
  • json Object

Reads and returns the information of a cortex package.

cortexJson.read('/path/to/your/repo', function(err, json){
  if (err) {
    console.error('There was an error', e);
  console.log('The package data is:', json);

cortexJson.extra(cwd, callback)

This method is different from cortexJson.read() that it will validate some stuff and flavors the object with some default values which cortex registry needs.

cortexJson.clean(cwd, json, callback)

Cleans and validate the json.

This method will check the json object first. If it is an old object, cortexJson.clean will santitize it.

After cortexJson.clean() and cortexJson.enhanced(), there are always

  • main, if no main entry found, it will be false
  • css, if no csses found, it will be []
  • entries, if no entries found, it will be [].
  • cortex.main will be require.resolve()d. That is, if there is a index.js, but cortex.main is 'index', and after enhanced(), cortex.main will be 'index.js'.
  • cortex.css and cortex.entries will always be an globbed array(even an empty array) after enhanced()
  • If a path, either from main, css, or entries, is explicitly defined but not found, an error will throw.
  • If a package has neither main, css, nor entries, an 'CORTEX_NO_ENTRY' error will throw.

in the json data.

cortexJson.enhance(cwd, callback)

It is a cortexJson.extra() then cortexJson.clean()

cortexJson.save(cwd, json, callback)

  • callback function(err)

Save the json to the file.

cortexJson.package_root(cwd, callback)

  • callback function(root)

Traverses up from the cwd and gets the first directory that contains a package file of cortex.

Sometimes user might run cortex commands inside the subtle directories of the current repo, and we must make sure cortex commands always run at the root directory.

cortexJson.cached_document(name, cache_root, callback)

  • name String package name
  • cache_root path cache directory of the current profile
  • callback function(err, document)
  • document json

Gets the cached document.


npm i read-cortex-json

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