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A real time white board using ReactJS and Firebase.

This module was at first a full project which is now a module.

This module can not work without Firebase (version 2.X) not compatible with Firebase3

Known problems

  • This module is using normalize so it might interfere with your css.


npm install reactfire-white-board --save

How to use

See the folder demo for an example.

You must use Firebase to get this module work and activate Google authentication


Name Type Default Description
firebaseURl string - Required null your firebase url
boardKey string - Required null Path where to store the board
gmapsApiKey string null gmap api key to use google map widget
locale string 'en' language of the module - currently support english and french
elements Array of Element all widgets widget you want to use in your board. import Elements to get the list


/!\ This application has been tested on the latest version of Chrome only.

Enable Blur effect for Chrome

  • Go to chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features
  • Click on enable experimental web platform features




The source can be refactored a lot and I know there's bugs, especially on other browser than Chrome. If you want to do a pull request, you're welcome :-)

Build the app (Standalone)


Install NodeJS Install AWS-Cli (if you want to publish on Amazon Web Services)


See the config object in the package.json

Dependencies Installation

npm install


npm run start


npm run build


npm run build cd build npm publish