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    React Explicit Prop Declaration Mixin

    A ReactJS Mixin to ensure that components explicitly define the properties they allow in their propTypes. If a property passed in to the React component is not found in propTypes then an error will be thrown.

    This is useful for ensuring that all component property interfaces be explicitly defined, which helps when reasoning about what properties a component will accept.

    Let's keep our interfaces clean and well documented!


    Let's define a very basic React component.

    var ExplicitPropDeclarationMixin = require('react_explicit_prop_declaration');
    var MyComponent = React.createClass({
      mixins: [ExplicitPropDeclarationMixin],
      propTypes: {
        defined: React.PropTypes.bool
      render: function () {
        // ...

    And now let's render that component with the property we defined in propTypes:

    React.render(<MyComponent defined={true}/>

    Cool, so let's do the same, but this time, with a property we did not define in propTypes.

    React.render(<MyComponent notDefined={false} defined={true}/>

    Eeek! An error was thrown telling us what went wrong!

    ExplicitPropDeclarationError: The properties "notDefined" were set on the MyComponent, which were not declared in MyComponent.propTypes. Only properties defined in MyComponent.propTypes are allowed to be set on MyComponent.

    Looks like, we, as developers need to decide to explicitly define another propType we allow on this component, or fix our render call to not pass in unexpected properties.


    If you would like to contribute code, please do the following:

    1. Fork this repository and make your changes.
    2. Write tests for any new functionality. If you are fixing a bug that tests did not cover, please make a test that reproduces the bug.
    3. Add your name to the "contributors" section in the package.json file.
    4. Squash all of your commits into a single commit via git rebase -i.
    5. Run the tests by running npm install && make test from the source directory.
    6. Assuming those pass, send the Pull Request off to me for review!

    Please do not iterate the package.json version number – I will do that myself when I publish it to NPM.


    npm i react_explicit_prop_declaration

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