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    Easily display PDF files in your React application.


    • Install by executing npm install --save react-pdf.
    • Import by addding import ReactPDF from 'react-pdf'.
    • Use by adding <ReactPDF file="..." />. file can be an URL, base64 content, Uint8Array, and more.


    Demo page is included in sample directory.

    Online demo is also available!

    Getting started


    You'll need to have Node >= 4 on your machine.

    We strongly recommend to use Node >= 6 and npm >= 3 for faster installation speed and better disk usage.

    Your project needs to use React 15.0.0 or later.


    Add React-PDF to your project by executing npm install --save react-pdf.


    Here's an example of basic usage:

    import ReactPDF from 'react-pdf';
    class MyApp extends React.Component {
        onDocumentLoad({ total }) {
            this.setState({ total });
        onPageLoad({ pageIndex, pageNumber }) {
            this.setState({{ pageIndex, pageNumber });
        render() {
            return (
                    <p>Page {this.state.pageNumber} of {}</p>

    Check the sample directory of this repository for a full working example.

    User guide


    Prop name Description Example of usage
    file Defines what PDF should be displayed.
    Its value can be an URL, a file (imported using import ... from ... or from file input form element), or an object with parameters (url - URL; data - data, preferably Uint8Array; range - PDFDataRangeTransport; httpHeaders - custom request headers, e.g. for authorization).
    • URL:
    • File:
      import sample from '../static/sample.pdf' and then
    • Parameter object:
      file={{ url: '', httpHeaders: { 'X-CustomHeader': '40359820958024350238508234' }}}
    loading Defines what the component should display while loading. Defaults to "Loading PDF…".
    • String:
      loading="Please wait!"
    • React element:
      loading={<div>Please wait!</div>}
    • Function:
    error Defines what the component should display in case of an error. Defaults to "Failed to load PDF file.".
    • String:
      error="An error occurred!"
    • React element:
      error={<div>An error occurred!</div>}
    • Function:
    noData Defines what the component should display in case of no data. Defaults to "No PDF file specified.".
    • String:
      error="Please select a file."
    • React element:
      error={<div>Please select a file.</div>}
    • Function:
    pageIndex Defines which page from PDF file should be displayed. Defaults to 0. pageIndex={2}
    scale Defines the scale in which PDF file should be rendered. Defaults to 1.0. scale={0.5}
    width Defines the width of the page. If not defined, canvas will be rendered at the width defined in PDF. If you define width and scale at the same time, the width will be multiplied by a given factor. width={300}
    onDocumentLoad Function called when the document is successfully loaded to the memory. onDocumentLoad={({ total }) => alert('Loaded a file with ' + total + ' pages!')}
    onDocumentError Function called in case of an error while loading a document. onDocumentError={({ message }) => alert('Error while loading document! ' + message)}
    onPageLoad Function called when the page is successfully loaded to the memory. onPageLoad={({ pageIndex, pageNumber, width, height, originalWidth, originalHeight, scale }) => alert('Now displaying a page number ' + pageNumber + '!')}
    onPageRender Function called when the page is successfully rendered on the screen. onPageLoad={() => alert('Rendered the page!')}
    onPageError Function called in case of an error while rendering a page. onPageError={({ message }) => alert('Error while loading page! ' + message)}


    The MIT License


    Wojciech Maj

    This project wouldn't be possible without awesome work of Niklas Närhinen who created its initial version and without Mozilla, author of pdf.js. Thank you!


    npm i react-with-pdf

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