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    A simple video player built in React, leveraging vidz for the player creation.


    $ npm i react-vidz-player --save


    // ES2015
    import VidzPlayer from 'react-vidz-player';
    // CommonJS
    const VidzPlayer = require('react-vidz-player');
    // script
    const VidzPlayer = window.VidzPlayer;

    Basic implementation

    const App = () => {
        <VidzPlayer mp4="./my/video.mp4"/>

    Advanced implementation

    const App = () => {
            controlsBackgroundColor="rgba(255, 0, 60, 0.7)"

    Available props

    Most props available are those of vidz, so check out the documentation there for the complete listing of those props (all passed to VidzPlayer will be passed to the vidz instance).

    Props specific to VidzPlayer:

    • controlsBackgroundColor {string}
      • Custom color used for the background of all controls
    • controlsFontColor {string}
      • Custom color used for the color of icons and text for all controls
    • controlsTrackColor {string}
      • Custom color used for the duration and volume track in controls
    • playOnClick {boolean} defaults to false
      • Should the video toggle play / pause when the video itself is clicked
    • preventAutoHideControls {boolean} defaults to false
      • Should the video auto-hide controls while playing after a brief period of no activity from the user
    • theme {string} valid values: "light", "dark", defaults to "dark"
      • Choice of themes to apply rather than setting custom colors for background, font, and track
      • "light" is a simple reversal of colors of "dark"

    Things to note

    height / width are handled

    vidz allows for a custom height / width parameter, and you can use those as well, however VidzPlayer tries to simplify the process for you by auto-determining the width based on whatever container it is applied in. It then also calculates the appropriate height based on the aspect ratio of the video applied to that calculated width, so that the video retains its original aspect ratio at any width. If width and / or height are provided as props they will be respected, but it likely will not be necessary unless you specifically want the video to be a different size than it's container.

    UMD dependencies

    If you are using the UMD version provided in dist, there are a few externals required as dependencies:

    • react
    • react-dom
    • recompose
    • vidz

    All of these should be available by either CDN or dist files in their respective repos.


    Standard stuff, clone the repo and npm i to get the dependencies. npm scripts available:

    • build => builds the distributed JS with NODE_ENV=development and with sourcemaps
    • build-minified => builds the distributed JS with NODE_ENV=production and minified
    • compile-for-publish => runs the lint, test, transpile, dist scripts
    • dev => runs the webpack dev server for the playground
    • dist => runs the build and build-minified
    • lint => runs ESLint against files in the src folder
    • prepublish => if in publish, runs compile-for-publish
    • transpile => runs Babel against files in src to files in lib

    Tests coming soon...


    npm i react-vidz-player

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