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React video seeker slider for video player like youtube

Demo react-video-seek-slider


How to install

npm i react-video-seek-slider --save

How to import

For TypeScript usage there is a index.d.ts in node_modules folder

import {VideoSeekSlider} from 'react-video-seek-slider';


var VideoSeekSlider = require('react-video-seek-slider');

Also use css in a lib folder in:


How to use

            } as State);


  • max (number, required) - Max sliders value
  • currentTime (number, required) - Current sliders value
  • progress (number) - Current buffered progress
  • hideSeekTimes (boolean) - hide hover current time (Default: false)
  • onChange ((time:number, offsetTime:number)=>void, required) - script to be run when thumb change position
  • offset (number, default:0) - when you need start slider with offset time
  • secondsPrefix (string, default: '') - when video time is less than one minutes you can use prefix time as "00:00:"
  • minutesPrefix (string, default: '') - when video time is less than one hour you can use prefix time as "00:"

For development

just use:

  • $ yarn or $ npm i
  • $ gulp

open your browser http://localhost:3000

For Build

$ ./production