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    React Twitter Authentication Component

    A React Twitter oAUth Sign-in / Log-in Component for React


    npm install react-twitter-auth



    Custom content that overrides default content:

      <b>Custom</b> Twitter <i>Login</i> content


    params value default value description
    tag string button tag that should be used to create element that will be used as loging element
    text string Sign in with Twitter text that will be shown in component
    loginUrl string URL that will be used to finish 3rd step of authentication process
    requestTokenUrl string URL that will be used to get request token
    onFailure function function that will be called if user cannot be authenticated
    onSuccess function function that will be called if user is successfully authenticated
    disabled boolean false disable component
    style object style object
    className string class name for component
    dialogWidth number 600 dialog width
    dialogHeight number 400 dialog height
    showIcon bool true should default icon be visible
    credentials string same-origin indicates whether the user agent should send cookies from the other domain in the case of cross-origin requests. Possible values: omit, same-origin, include
    customHeaders object {} custom headers should be object with fields that needs to be sent to user server. Field name will be used as header key and field value as header value. Because of bug in fetch implementation all keys will be lowercase.
    children node this props can be used in order to override default component content
    forceLogin bool false force user to authenticate with Twitter username and password
    screenName string prefills the username input box of the OAuth login screen with the given value


    Full example can be found in example folder.

    You can find tutorial that explains in details how to implement Twitter authentication with RESTful backend here.


    The detailed explanation of the whole process can be found in Twitter documentation. In picture below you can find out all the steps that are needed.

    Twitter authentication workflow


    react-twitter-auth is released under MIT License.


    npm i react-twitter-auth

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