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🌐 react-timezone-select

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Another react timezone select component, I know.. However this one has a few key benefits!

While looking around for a good option, I had trouble finding a timezone select components which:

  1. Adjusted the choices automatically with Daylight Savings Time (DST)
  2. Didn't have a huge list of choices to scroll through when technically only 24 (ish) are necessary


This demo is also available in the ./examples directory. Simply run pnpm dev in the root of the repository and the vite dev server will start, where you can then find the example app at localhost:3001.

We also have some more examples available on Codesandbox using this component with the datetime library spacetime (example) as well as with moment (example), as well as in Typescript using the new Intl browser API (example) showing how one might use this component in a real application.

🏗️ Installing

npm install react-select react-timezone-select

🔭 Usage

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
import TimezoneSelect from 'react-timezone-select'

const App = () => {
  const [selectedTimezone, setSelectedTimezone] =useState(

  return (
    <div className="App">
      <blockquote>Please make a selection</blockquote>
      <div className="select-wrapper">
          backgroundColor: '#ccc',
          padding: '20px',
          margin: '20px auto',
          borderRadius: '5px',
          maxWidth: '600px',
            margin: '0 20px',
            fontWeight: 500,
            fontFamily: 'monospace',
          {JSON.stringify(selectedTimezone, null, 2)}

const rootElement = document.getElementById('root')
ReactDOM.render(<App />, rootElement)

🪙 Tips

👤 Default Users Timezone

If you'd like the user's own timezone to be set as the initially selected option on render, we can make use of the new Intl browser API by setting the default state value to Intl.DateTimeFormat().resolvedOptions().timeZone.

const [timezone, setTimezone] = useState(

Thanks @ndrwksr

🕒 Custom Timezones

You can append custom choices of your own, or fully replace the listed timezone options.

The timezones prop takes a dictionary of timezones. Don't worry, we'll prepend the (GMT...) part, you just have to pass the city(s) or region(s) you want in your label.

import TimezoneSelect, { allTimezones } from 'react-timezone-select'
    'America/Lima': 'Pittsburgh',
    'Europe/Berlin': 'Frankfurt',

The above example will generate two additional choices in the select options, one with the label '(GMT-5:00) Pittsburgh' and another with '(GMT+1:00) Frankfurt'. You can omit spreading in the allTimezones object and then only your custom timezone options get rendered in the select component.

🕹️ Props

  • value - string | Object - Initial/current Timezone.
'America/Juneau' | {
  value: 'America/Juneau'
  label: '(GMT-8:00) Alaska,
  abbrev: 'AHST',
  offset: -8,
  altName: 'Alaskan Standard Time'
  • onBlur - () => void
  • onChange - (timezone) => void
  • labelStyle - 'original' | 'altName' | 'abbrev'
  • displayValue - 'GMT' | 'UTC'
  • timezones - Record<string,string>
  'America/Lima': 'Pittsburgh',
  'Europe/Berlin': 'Frankfurt',
  • maxAbbrLength - number - Truncate abbrev labelStyles string to length
  • Any other react-select props

🎨 Custom Select component

By default, react-timezone-select uses react-select as underlying select component. If you'd like to bring your own select component, you can use the useTimezoneSelect hook instead of the TimezoneSelect component to render the timezones using your self-provided select component.

import { useTimezoneSelect, allTimezones } from 'react-timezone-select'

const labelStyle = 'original'
const timezones = {
  'Europe/Berlin': 'Frankfurt'

const customSelect = () => {
  const { options, parseTimezone } = useTimezoneSelect({ labelStyle, timezones })

  return (
    <select onChange={e => onChange(parseTimezone(e.currentTarget.value))}>
      { => (
        <option value={option.value}>{option.label}</option>

🚧 Contributing

Pull requests are always welcome! Please stick to repo settings (prettier, eslint, etc.), and if adding new features, please consider adding test(s) and documentation where appropriate!

🙏 Thanks

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