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a customizable React star rating component with or without a meter.


code for the examples can be viewed in the example folder of this repo.


npm install --save react-star-rating-meter


yarn add react-star-rating-meter


all properties are optional (properties will revert to default values)

*note: color values can be any css valid color value; if you want a color property to be transparent use an empty string: ""

*note: if using a custom svg, only one 'path' can be given and also, the 'viewBox' value is required.

Prop DataType Default Description
readOnly boolean false indicate whether the star rating is editable by the user or read only
numOfStars number 5 number of stars
initialRating number 0 set initial value
height number (px) 30 height of the meter and highlight in pixels
length number (px) 250 length of the meter in pixels
showMeter boolean true indicate whether to show the meter or just show stars/svgs
label string StarRating an option to label the component to easily get and store the rating value
meterEmptyColor string #F0E7E7 set the default/empty meter color
meterSelectColor string #311E24 set the select/active meter color
meterBorderColor string #785A65 set the meter border color
meterBorderSize number (px) 3 set the meter border thickness
meterBorderStyle string solid set the border style; can be any css valid border style
highlightColor string #FFD6DD set the highlight color of the selected/active star
highlightWidth number (px) 30 set the width of the highlight (height is determined by the height prop, the height of the meter)
starEmptyColor string #AF9EA3 set the default/empty color of the stars/svgs
starSelectColor string #D60429 set the selected/active color of the stars/svgs
starSize number (px) 18 size of the stars
getRating function undefined set a function to be called upon clicking a star; the arguments passed are: (rating, label, event)
onHover function undefined set a function to be called upon hovering a star; the arguments passed are: (rating, label, event)
svg object = {path: string, viewBox: string} (if none indicated, the svg is a star) an object that must have both path and viewBox properties; if either one is missing, defaults to a star


npm i react-star-rating-meter

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