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CSS in JS with Style

npm install --save-dev sprayer react-sprayer react

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Sprayer allows you to write modular, scoped CSS with all the features of JavaScript template strings. It is heavily influenced by CSS Modules, styled-components and CSJS.


  • Write your styles with the syntax you already know
  • Automatically Scoped: No need to worry about duplicate class names
  • Tooling free: You only need an ES2015 environment
  • Small: Only ~11KB minified and gzipped (sprayer + react-sprayer)
  • Dynamic styles: Write you CSS once and change it with props
  • Theming support

Coming soon

  • Server rendered JavaScript support
  • Linting with StyleLint
  • Autoprefix, PostCSS, SASS, Styles and LESS support via a babel-plugin
  • Syntax highlighting

Missing something?

Create an issue 👍


Checkout react-sprayer-example for a full working example.

import React from 'react'
import sprayer from 'sprayer'
import { withStyle } from 'react-sprayer'
// Create a spray
const spray = sprayer`
    .headline {
        color: darkcyan;
        font-size: ${(props) => props.fontSize}rem;
        /*           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                                              */
        /* This interpolation will be called with the props you passed to your component */
// Create a component
const Headline = ({ classes }) => <h1 className={classes.headline}></h1>
// Connect the component with the spray
export default withStyle(spray)(Headline)
Sprayed Components
import sprayed from 'react-sprayer'
// Create a sprayed component
const ErrorMessage = sprayed.span`
  .style {
    color: red;
export default ErrorMessage
import React from 'react'
import sprayed, { ThemeProvider } from 'react-sprayer'
// Create a sprayed component
const Button = sprayed.button`
  .style {
    color: ${(_, theme) => theme.primary};
const App = () => (
  <ThemeProvider theme={{ primary: 'red' }}>
    <ErrorMessage />
export default App


import withStyle from 'react-sprayer'
withStyle(spray, ?mapPropsToStyle)(Component)

The withStyle function takes a spray as the first argument. You should pass a spray you created with sprayer. As second argument it takes a function which maps the props to the parameters passed to the spray as first argument. If you don't pass a second function withStyle will take all props and pass them to the spray. The withStyle function returns a function which takes a component. It passes all props and generated classes to this component and then then returns another component which you can use like any other React component.

import { classesPropTypes } from 'react-sprayer'
Headline.propTypes = {
    classes: classesPropTypes

This is just a little helper you can use to validate the classes propType.

Want to help?

I would highly appreciate if you want to help me with this project. Check out the issues with the help wanted label to see where your help is needed.


npm i react-sprayer

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