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React Loading Spinners Version

A Highly Customizable React component to help you with loaders/spinners for specific part of your project or as a project loading, with built-in presets and the ability of using your own assets.

Online Demo


You can check out this little demo to get the feel of it: Online demo

Get started

It's very easy to use the tool, follow the instructions

Add the package

Install the package using npm

npm i react-spinners-loading 

Import the package into your react app

import Loader from 'react-spinners-loading'

Pass the configuration props:

Example of the Configuraiton array:

    text="Loader Text"
    background="rgba(234, 12, 35, 0.7)"

And that's pretty much it!

Explanation of the different properties you can pass:

Name Type Default Description
text String 'Loading...' Unique string that defines the element
animation String null One of the built-in presets [bar, circle, clock, dots, double-circle, drop, spinner]
color String '#FFFFFF' The color of the text/spinner in HEX,RGB or RGBa
background String 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7)' The background color of the whole Loader in HEX,RGB or RGBa
width String '100%' The Width of the Loader in Px/rem/em/%
height String '100%' The Height of the Loader in Px/rem/em/%
fullscreen Boolean false If the Loader should be showed in full-screen (Width & Height shouldn't be specified)
show Boolean true To control if the Loader has to be shown or not
imageUrl String null The URL for the Loading animation (animation doesn't need to be specified)
dismissible Boolean false Showing a Closing button to close the Loader

Enjoy :)


npm i react-spinners-loading

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