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    React Spinners

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    A collection of loading spinners with React.js based on Halogen.

    This package is bootstraped using react-npm-boilerplate


    Demo Page



    With Yarn:

    yarn add react-spinners

    With npm:

    npm install --save react-spinners


    Each loader has their own default properties. You can overwrite the defaults by passing props into the loaders.

    Each loader accepts a loading prop as a boolean. The loader will render null if loading is false.


    import { useState, CSSProperties } from "react";
    import ClipLoader from "react-spinners/ClipLoader";
    const override: CSSProperties = {
      display: "block",
      margin: "0 auto",
      borderColor: "red",
    function App() {
      let [loading, setLoading] = useState(true);
      let [color, setColor] = useState("#ffffff");
      return (
        <div className="sweet-loading">
          <button onClick={() => setLoading(!loading)}>Toggle Loader</button>
          <input value={color} onChange={(input) => setColor(} placeholder="Color of the loader" />
          <ClipLoader color={color} loading={loading} cssOverride={override} size={150} />
    export default App;
    Example using React Class
    import React from "react";
    import ClipLoader from "react-spinners/ClipLoader";
    const override: React.CSSProperties = {
      display: "block",
      margin: "0 auto",
      borderColor: "red",
    class AwesomeComponent extends React.Component {
      constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
          loading: true,
      render() {
        return (
          <div className="sweet-loading">

    Available Loaders, PropTypes, and Default Values

    Common default props for all loaders:

    loading: true;
    color: "#000000";
    cssOverride: {}
    speedMultiplier: 1;

    color prop

    color prop accepts a color hash in the format of #XXXXXX or #XXX. It also accepts basic colors listed below:

    maroon, red, orange, yellow, olive, green, purple, white, fuchsia, lime, teal, aqua, blue, navy, black, gray, silver

    cssOverride prop

    The cssOverride prop is an object of camelCase styles used to create inline styles on the loaders. Any html css property is valid here.

    size, height, width, and radius props

    The input to these props can be number or string.

    • If value is number, the loader will default to css unit px.
    • If value is string, the loader will verify the unit against valid css units.
      • If unit is valid, return the original value
      • If unit is invalid, output warning console log and default to px.

    The table below has the default values for each loader.

    Loader size height width radius margin
    BarLoader 4 100
    BeatLoader 15 2
    BounceLoader 60
    CircleLoader 50
    ClimbingBoxLoader 15
    ClipLoader 35
    ClockLoader 50
    DotLoader 60 2
    FadeLoader 15 5 2 2
    GridLoader 15
    HashLoader 50 2
    MoonLoader 60 2
    PacmanLoader 25 2
    PropagateLoader 15
    PuffLoader 60
    PulseLoader 15 2
    RingLoader 60 2
    RiseLoader 15 2
    RotateLoader 15 2
    ScaleLoader 35 4 2 2
    SyncLoader 15 2


    npm i react-spinners

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