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Carousel component built with React. It is a react port of slick carousel


Breaking changes in react-slick@0.15

  • slickGoTo prop is deprecated in favor of slickGoTo method. Check this slickGoTo usage example.
  • dist folder will be removed from the repo to simplify PR review process. If you are using bower or relying on the dist files in githib repo, use dist files from


npm install react-slick

Also install slick-carousel for css and font

npm install slick-carousel

or add cdn link in your html

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />



Use jsfiddle template to try react-slick with different settings.

Filing issues

Please replicate your issue with jsfiddle template and post it along with issue to make it easy for me to debug.

Starter Kit

Checkout yeoman generator to quickly get started with react-slick.


var React = require('react');
var Slider = require('react-slick');
var SimpleSlider = React.createClass({
  render: function () {
    var settings = {
      dots: true,
      infinite: true,
      speed: 500,
      slidesToShow: 1,
      slidesToScroll: 1
    return (
      <Slider {...settings}>
Property Type Description Working
accessibility bool Enables tabbing and arrow key navigation Yes
className String Additional class name for the inner slider div Yes
adaptiveHeight bool Adjust the slide's height automatically Yes
arrows bool Should we show Left and right nav arrows Yes
nextArrow React Component Use this component for the next arrow button Yes
prevArrow React Component Use this component for the prev arrow button Yes
autoplay bool Should the scroller auto scroll? Yes
autoplaySpeed int delay between each auto scoll. in ms Yes
centerMode bool Should we centre to a single item? Yes
customPaging func Custom paging templates. Example Yes
dots bool Should we show the dots at the bottom of the gallery Yes
dotsClass string Class applied to the dots if they are enabled Yes
draggable bool Is the gallery scrollable via dragging on desktop? Yes
easing string
fade bool Slides use fade for transition Yes
focusOnSelect bool Go to slide on click Yes
infinite bool should the gallery wrap around it's contents Yes
initialSlide int which item should be the first to be displayed Yes
lazyLoad bool Loads images or renders components on demands Yes
preLoad int loading of components in advance, only if "lazyLoad" (default = 0) Yes
pauseOnHover bool prevents autoplay while hovering Yes
responsive array Array of objects in the form of { breakpoint: int, settings: { ... } } The breakpoint int is the maxWidth so the settings will be applied when resolution is below this value. Breakpoints in the array should be ordered from smalles to greatest. Use 'unslick' in place of the settings object to disable rendering the carousel at that breakpoint. Example: [ { breakpoint: 768, settings: { slidesToShow: 3 } }, { breakpoint: 1024, settings: { slidesToShow: 5 } }, { breakpoint: 100000, settings: 'unslick' } ] Yes
rtl bool Reverses the slide order Yes
slide string
slidesToShow int Number of slides to be visible at a time Yes
slidesToScroll int Number of slides to scroll for each navigation item
speed int
swipe bool
swipeToSlide bool Allow users to drag or swipe directly to a slide irrespective of slidesToScroll Yes
touchMove bool
touchThreshold int
variableWidth bool
useCSS bool Enable/Disable CSS Transitions Yes
vertical bool Vertical slide mode Yes
afterChange function callback function called after the current index changes Yes
beforeChange function callback function called before the current index changes Yes
slickGoTo int go to the specified slide number


  • slickNext() - function called to change current slide on next slide (Example)
  • slickPrev() - function called to change current slide on previous slide (Example)
  • slickGoTo(slideNumber) - function called to change current slide to given slide number (Example)

Custom next/prev arrows

To customize the next/prev arrow elements, simply create new React components and set them as the values of nextArrow and prevArrow.

class LeftNavButton extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return <button {...this.props}>Next</button>  

Important: be sure that you pass your component's props to your clickable element like the example above. If you don't, your custom component won't trigger the click handler.

You can also set onClick={this.props.onClick} if you only want to set the click handler.

Flexbox support

If you have flex property on container div of slider, add below css

* {
  min-height: 0;
  min-width: 0;


Want to run demos locally

git clone
npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:8080

Polyfills for old IE support

matchMedia support from media-match

For premium support, contact me on codementor Contact me on Codementor

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