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    React SimpleMDE (EasyMDE) Markdown Editor

    NPM version

    React component wrapper for EasyMDE (the most fresh SimpleMDE fork).

    Only two dependencies, React (peer) and EasyMDE (peer).

    Built by @RIP21 👨‍💻

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    New in v5

    • [breaking] Full rewrite to hooks. Means more reactive so, probably, less bugs related with updates. Minimum React version required >=16.8.2
    • [breaking] easymde now a peer dependency, please install it manually
    • [breaking] label prop has been removed
    • [breaking] SSR safe nets removed, please make sure to import it dynamically
    • [breaking] options shall be memoized to prevent new instances from being created on each render and other related to that bugs (more on that below)
    • [potentially-breaking] Forwards ref, so you can easily get access to div wrapper by using ref prop.
    • [potentially-breaking] Lots of bugs fixed, examples updated
    • [potentially-breaking] @babel/runtime helpers are no longer inlined but imported.


    npm install --save react-simplemde-editor easymde

    Note: Possibly you may need to install @babel/runtime, try without it, but if you don't have any issues, then you shouldn't.


    Hosted demo

    or to see it locally:

    git clone
    cd react-simplemde-editor
    yarn install
    yarn demo
    open browser at localhost:3000


    View the demo code for more examples.

    All examples below are in TypeScript

    Uncontrolled usage

    import React from "react";
    import SimpleMDE from "react-simplemde-editor";
    import "easymde/dist/easymde.min.css";
    <SimpleMDE />;

    Controlled usage

    export const ControlledUsage = () => {
      const [value, setValue] = useState("Initial value");
      const onChange = (value: string) => {
      return <SimpleMdeReact value={value} onChange={onChange} />;


    You can set API of SimpleMDE options which you pass down as a options prop. If you're using TypeScript it will be inferred by compiler.

    Note: if you don't specify a custom id it will automatically generate an id for you.

    Note that you need to useMemo to memoize options so they do not change on each rerender! It will affect behavior and performance because then on each render of the parent that renders SimpleMdeReact you'll get a new instance of the editor, which you definitely want to avoid! Also, if you change options on each value change you will lose focus. So, put options as a const outside of the component, or if options shall be partially or fully set by props make sure to useMemo in case of functional/hooks components, or class field for class based components. Slightly more on that here: #164

    export const UsingOptions = () => {
      const [value, setValue] = useState("Initial");
      const onChange = (value: string) => {
      const autofocusNoSpellcheckerOptions = useMemo(() => {
        return {
          autofocus: true,
          spellChecker: false,
        } as SimpleMDE.Options;
      }, []);
      return (


    You can include key maps using the extraKeys prop. Read more at CodeMirror extra keys

    export const UpdateableByHotKeys = () => {
      const extraKeys = useMemo<KeyMap>(() => {
        return {
          Up: function (cm) {
            cm.replaceSelection(" surprise. ");
          Down: function (cm) {
            cm.replaceSelection(" surprise again! ");
      }, []);
      const [value, setValue] = useState("initial");
      const onChange = (value: string) => setValue(value);
      return (
        <SimpleMdeReact value={value} onChange={onChange} extraKeys={extraKeys} />

    Custom preview rendering example

    import ReactDOMServer from "react-dom/server";
    export const CustomPreview = () => {
      const customRendererOptions = useMemo(() => {
        return {
          previewRender() {
            return ReactDOMServer.renderToString(
                  CodeBlock: CodeRenderer,
                  Code: CodeRenderer,
        } as SimpleMDE.Options;
      }, []);
      return (
          <h4>Custom preview</h4>
          <SimpleMdeReact options={customRendererOptions} />

    Events / Additional event listeners for events of CodeMirror

    See full list of events here

    import { SimpleMdeReact } from "react-simplemde-editor";
    import type { SimpleMdeToCodemirrorEvents } from "react-simplemde-editor";
    export const CustomEventListeners = () => {
      const [value, setValue] = useState("Initial value");
      const onChange = (value: string) => {
      // Make sure to always `useMemo` all the `options` and `events` props to ensure best performance!
      const events = useMemo(() => {
        return {
          focus: () => console.log(value),
        } as SimpleMdeToCodemirrorEvents;
      }, []);
      return <SimpleMdeReact events={events} value={value} onChange={onChange} />;


    export const Autosaving = () => {
      const delay = 1000;
      const autosavedValue = localStorage.getItem(`smde_demo`) || "Initial value";
      const anOptions = useMemo(() => {
        return {
          autosave: {
            enabled: true,
            uniqueId: "demo",
      }, [delay]);
      return (
        <SimpleMdeReact id="demo" value={autosavedValue} options={anOptions} />

    Retrieve easymde, codemirror or cursor info to be able to manipulate it.

    export const GetDifferentInstances = () => {
      // simple mde
      const [simpleMdeInstance, setMdeInstance] = useState<SimpleMDE | null>(null);
      const getMdeInstanceCallback = useCallback((simpleMde: SimpleMDE) => {
      }, []);
      useEffect(() => {
        simpleMdeInstance &&
"Hey I'm editor instance!", simpleMdeInstance);
      }, [simpleMdeInstance]);
      // codemirror
      const [codemirrorInstance, setCodemirrorInstance] = useState<Editor | null>(
      const getCmInstanceCallback = useCallback((editor: Editor) => {
      }, []);
      useEffect(() => {
        codemirrorInstance &&
"Hey I'm codemirror instance!", codemirrorInstance);
      }, [codemirrorInstance]);
      // line and cursor
      const [lineAndCursor, setLineAndCursor] = useState<Position | null>(null);
      const getLineAndCursorCallback = useCallback((position: Position) => {
      }, []);
      useEffect(() => {
        lineAndCursor &&
"Hey I'm line and cursor info!", lineAndCursor);
      }, [lineAndCursor]);
      return (
          <h4>Getting instance of Mde and codemirror and line and cursor info</h4>
            value="Go to console to see stuff logged"

    Basic testing

    Here is how you do it. It requires mock of certain browser pieces to work, but this is whole example.

    import { act, render, screen } from "@testing-library/react";
    import { useState } from "react";
    import { SimpleMdeReact } from "SimpleMdeReact";
    import userEvent from "@testing-library/user-event";
    // @ts-ignore
    Document.prototype.createRange = function () {
      return {
        setEnd: function () {},
        setStart: function () {},
        getBoundingClientRect: function () {
          return { right: 0 };
        getClientRects: function () {
          return {
            length: 0,
            left: 0,
            right: 0,
    const Editor = () => {
      const [value, setValue] = useState("");
      return <SimpleMdeReact value={value} onChange={setValue} />;
    describe("Renders", () => {
      it("succesfully", async () => {
        act(() => {
          render(<Editor />);
        const editor = await screen.findByRole("textbox");
        userEvent.type(editor, "hello");



    export interface SimpleMdeReactProps
      extends Omit<React.HTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement>, "onChange"> {
      id?: string;
      onChange?: (value: string) => void;
      value?: string;
      extraKeys?: KeyMap;
      options?: SimpleMDE.Options;
      events?: SimpleMdeToCodemirrorEvents;
      getMdeInstance?: (instance: SimpleMDE) => void;
      getCodemirrorInstance?: (codemirror: Editor) => void;
      getLineAndCursor?: (position: Position) => void;

    All exports list

    default - SimpleMdeReact

    SimpleMdeReact - same as default but named


    SimpleMdeReactProps - props of the component

    DOMEvent - certain events that are used to get events exported below

    CopyEvents - only copy codemirror events

    GlobalEvents - some other global codemirror events

    DefaultEvent - default codemirror event handler function

    IndexEventsSignature - index signature that expects string as key and returns DefaultEvent

    SimpleMdeToCodemirrorEvents - manually crafted events (based off @types/codemirror@0.0.109 that easymde uses internally) + all the above merged together into whole mapping between Codemirror event names and actual handlers for events prop

    GetMdeInstance - signature of the callback function that retrieves mde instance

    GetCodemirrorInstance - signature of the callback function that retrieves codemirror instance

    GetLineAndCursor - signature of the callback function that retrieves line and cursor info


    New in v4

    • Now uses EasyMDE (the most fresh SimpleMDE fork) instead of simplemde itself. Possible breaking changes, so I bumped version to v4.
    • One obvious breaking change. Is how CSS is have to be imported. It used to be simplemde/dist/simplemde.min.css now it will be easymde/dist/easymde.min.css

    New in v3

    • The initialValue prop has been removed and replaced with a value prop, allowing direct changes to the value to be made after the component mounts.
    • v3.6.8 if rendering server-side, you can set static ids to avoid errors in rendering synchronization.
    • v3.6.17 TypeScript typings added.
    • v3.6.19 All props will be passed to the wrapper now (except a id, onChange and few others that are ignored)
    • v3.6.21 React 17 support (UNSAFE methods are no longer used)

    New in v2

    Version 1.0 did not have SimpleMDE options configured well, this readme reflects the changes made to better include options. This is still a very new project. Testing, feedback and PRs are welcome and appreciated.




    npm i react-simplemde-editor

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