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    React Components Template

    In testing, please do not install!!!

    Dev environment

    Use yarn start to start your localhost.

    This repository has only the generic React components that could be imported in your project. Therefore, theres no HTMLs, pages, routes... We are using the Storybook to see how our components will be rendered, just create a file with name stories.js in your component folder an import it with the neccessary properties.

    To more details to how create stories, see the Storybook documentation.


    We are using Jest with default coverage of 80. To change it, modify the following lines in the jest.config.js file:

      coverageThreshold: {
        global: {
          branches: 80,
          functions: 80,
          lines: 80,
          statements: -10,

    Creating your component

    Use the ExampleComponent in the src folder to create yours. You can create more than one component and export they in the src/index.js file.

    Don't forget to export your component in the src/index.js file. This is the file that we use on webpack to build the bundle.


    To generate a release and publish on NPM, just run yarn release. The package.json and files will be automatically updated with the new version and the changes maded.

    The version is generated following the Conventional Commit Format, using your commit history.

    After that, run git push --follow-tags && npm publish to publish the new version of your component.


    This template allows us to use React Hooks and Styled Components.

    This don't prevent you to use class syntax to create your components or stylize with normal CSS and SASS, but depending of your necessities, could be necessary install other dependencies and do new configurations on your webpack.config.js module.

    It's important make sure that the React version in the project that you want to use your component be equal or higher that the version of your component to ensure the full compatibility.


    npm i react-sidemenu-tree

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