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    React Shortcut Chooser

    This is a React component that lets the user choose a keyboard shortcut. Native Mac apps have nice input fields that, when focused, capture all keyboard events and display the chosen keyboard shortcut in a nice string format. There was no equivalent JavaScript UI component for that, so I developed this library.

    It's based on the key-event-to-string library that converts an event object into a readable format.



    I've added a minimalistic demo on RequireBin. It sometimes takes RequireBin a while to load the NPM modules though.


    $ npm install --save react-shortcut-chooser


    var ShortcutChooser = require('react-shortcut-chooser')
    ReactDOM.render(<ShortcutChooser onUpdate={callback} />, el)

    ShortcutChooser accepts a bunch of options:

    key value default value
    modifierNeeded Are only shortcuts with modifiers valid? Modifiers are cmd, ctrl, alt and shift true
    keyNeeded Is a key, other than a modifier, needed? true
    onUpdate A callback that's called with the new value and the old value None, it's required
    validate Can be used to validate a potential keyboard shortcut. Is only called if modifierNeeded and keyNeeded were satisfied A function that always returns true
    onInvalid Depending on modifierNeeded / keyNeeded / validate some keyboard shortcuts will be rejected. This callback will be called with the invalid keyboard shortcut if that happens. Could e.g. be used to display an error message Empty function
    modifierChars Can be used to change the format according to the key-event-to-string options. Could e.g. be used to get a Mac style {}

    All other properties will be passed straight to the underlying input element. This is especially useful for setting a default value and styling it:

    <ShortcutChooser onUpdate={callback} defaultValue="Ctrl + A" className="shortcutInput" />


    npm i react-shortcut-chooser

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